5 Essential Word Themes to Make Your Next Report Quicker (Part 2)

Luiz Carlos Martins
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Have you ever ran into difficulties when making a report last-minute? While you can easily type up your contents and call it a day, you can not neglect other important factors that go into creating an appealing and well-received report such as visual elements like the fonts you use, colour schemes and other crucial things that make your documents professional. No need to panic, even if you are in a rush or simply need help deciding what elements go together well, Word themes have you covered. Word themes are accessible to anyone and can transform your document in a matter of seconds, making formatting easy and much faster. Below, you can find several things and examples of what Word themes can do for you and your projects.


Due to Word files being content-heavy, it is important that you choose your fonts wisely. Some fonts work better in more professional settings, while others are oftentimes used in more personal and informal documents. With the help of Word themes, you can quickly see how your documents would look with different fonts, helping you decide between going for a more serious serif font like Times New Roman and Gerogia, or picking a sans-serif font that works for informal settings like Arial and Helvetica.

Tables and charts

There are cases when simply describing your data can lead to confusion, and you might be better off just visually displaying everything by using a chart or a table - it is recommended that you don't include too many of these elements in your projects, as it can get rather overwhelming in that case. By using Word themes, you can customise table and chart colours, fonts, borders and more!


Colours are important in all forms of publishing, let it be art, design or a Word report. Using the right colours can ensure that you are putting emphasis on the right parts of your documents, while also tieing thing together and delivering a pleasing visual to your readers. Word themes are carefully designed to only use colours that complement each other, so you can never miss the mark if you utilise them in your works.


Pictures can make your reports more memorable while also making it easier to digest and understand information. Sure, describing things is often enough, however, you should always consider adding in visual aid for those readers that might have difficulty understanding your language or if you want to show something specific without having to go into details.

Graphical elements

Adding visual interest to your documents is almost mandatory, especially if you want a professional looking report rather than a huge wall of text with little to no indication of key points. With Word themes and Word’s integrated elements, you can add bullet lists (in which the bullet point itself can be customised to almost any symbol), horizontal lines that can be any combination of solid, dotted or dashed, as well as highlighting text in different colours or adding a header and footer to the top and bottom of your document.