5 Essential Word Themes to Make Your Next Report Quicker (Part 3)

Do you need a quick way to get formatting done? Have you ever been on a time-crunch where you want to make a professional and pleasing report, but you simply don’t have enough time? These can be done by taking advantage of Word themes. The themes are built-in to Word and supply you with carefully selected elements that complement each other: fonts, colours, elements, and other customisation options. You can choose from tens of templates that were made by Microsoft, or even make your own themes to re-use them in the future! But what exactly can these themes do for you? What elements do they focus on most and why is it important that you cover these in your projects, no matter how fast you have to get the document out? In this article, you can get answers to all of that.


Colour schemes

The importance of colour is evident throughout many forms of art and publication, such as designing web pages, painting a picture or even just typing up a document or report. Getting the colours of your report is just as important as it is for a painter to choose the appropriate colours for their pieces. If you pick colours that simply do not look pleasing together, or you use colours that end up putting emphasis on the wrong parts of your text, you might give your readers trouble understanding the report, thus leading to dissatisfaction. Word themes ensure that each and every colour on your page works in harmony with one another.


If you want to add some details to your reports, you can quickly add in things such as horizontal lines for dividing sections, bullet point lists, highlighting text, background images and much more. However, each one of these elements can also be customised. You can create different kinds of lines such as dotted, dashed, or even a combination of the two, the bullet points in your list can be customised to different symbols, and the list just goes on. If you choose to use a Word theme, these themes are even capable of customising your graphic elements!

Tables and charts

Staying on track with elements, Word themes are also capable of customising tables and charts. By using tables and charts, you can display more complex data in a visual way, thus making it easier to read and understand for your viewers. Word themes can change the colours, borders and fonts in your tables and charts, thus customising them and making sure they fit in with the rest of your document.


Inserting images is one of the easiest ways of adding visuals to your document. With Word themes, images can be quickly decorated with borders, drop shadow and other options Word itself supplies you with. Not ever theme tampers with images, but if needed, you can customise an existing theme by adding image alterations to create your own theme that gets the job done for you.


Visually pleasing or not, your report is still mostly composed of text. Make sure you are using appropriate fonts by selecting Word themes that supply you with carefully chosen fonts that fit the setting of your document!


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