1.Use @mentions in Outlook to catch people’s attention.

This is the influence of social media finding its way in our emails too. I’ve also found out that you can like the messages you receive. Since we live in a busy world, it is essential to keep our multiple email accounts in order. Outlook makes my planning and organising much easier, so to stay on top of things, you can reach your recipients by mentioning them. Instead of typing the recipient in the ‘to: line’ just start typing your message into the body of the email and use the @ symbol for everyone you would like to see your message. Outlook will automatically fill their email address in the recipient bar. This feature will also highlight their name in blue, and they will receive an @ flag in their inbox view next to the message. In addition, users can organize their @ messages and keep track of their replies. This is a way of making sure they have replied to everyone who has mentioned them. The feature is available to Outlook 2016 version only.

2. Gatsby, you can’t repeat the past. Yes, you can. Unsend that accidental email!

The message has been sent. Oh, snap! Yes, it happens to all of us. Office 365 comes to the rescue:
Open your sent item in a new window. Then click the Actions button in the move section. Next, click on ‘Recall this message’.
Then, you can delete the message from the sender’s inbox by clicking on ‘Delete unread copies of this message’. Furthermore, if you have just sent an embarrassing typo or would like to delete an attachment and you’re planning on re-sending the message there is an option for that too. Select ‘Delete unread copies and replace with a new message’. Then click OK. 
Guess what, there is an option to receive a notification whether the message has been successfully recalled. You will be sent an email with the status of the message.
But, there is always a but…
Both users must be on the same Exchange, a.k.a working in the same organization. The magic of technology wouldn’t work for you yet if the recipient is outside of your organization. Furthermore, the person mustn’t have read the message by the time you’re recalling it and he should be using Outlook Desktop, instead of the Outlook Web App or a mobile version.

3.Your eyes are too tired?

Ease your work by changing the background of your documents to Sepia. There’s the hidden gem feature for all of you Word users out there. Here’s a little escape from staring at the white blank page for the busy bloggers, students, and the administration workers. Change the background of Word by switching the program to the ‘Read Mode’. Access the mode from View, then choose Read Mode, after that, click on View. You can now choose the Page Color, and you need to select Sepia.  Afterwards, have a happy reading!

4. Take advantage of autofill in excel.

Dealing with big repetitive chunks of data in your Excel spreadsheet can be quite dreadful. Typing long lists of repetitive names and dates is now easier for iOS users since the Autofill feature has become accessible for them too. All you need to do is start filling in the first two cells, which helps Excel better understand your pattern. Afterwards, highlight the two cells, bringing up the copy menu. There you will find the Fill option. Click on it, then drag the arrow in the direction you would like to continue the pattern. That’s it! When you lift up your fingers, the cells will be filled out automatically already. 

5. Add your dropbox account

It will be easier for file sharing. You will be able to access your files within Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. You can connect your Office to Dropbox by either tapping your profile picture and then adding a service; alternatively, you can go to the Open tab on the left side of the screen and then click on Add a Place. All that is left to do now is to select Dropbox from the list and of course, allow the app to access your files. Please remember to do this for each Office app you would like to connect with Dropbox. You can also quickly send the documents you browse through in Dropbox to your Office apps. Then you can easily edit them there. If you would like to do that just open the document and then tap the Edit button from the right corner. Once the document opens up in the app and you get your job done, you can save it again in your Dropbox account. 

I personally use those on a daily basis. It saves me a lot of time in the long run and my personal opinion is that people should always strive to streamline their working process - whether it's by such tips, shortcuts, fast keys, or even techniques of their own, building a faster working style has literally no downsides besides you being more effective in your job!