One of the biggest and most awaited sales of the year, Black Friday is the day right after Thanksgiving when most stores offer significant promos and deals. This year, your software cravings will surely be satisfied because here is a Microsoft sale just waiting for you.

Word 2016

An essential piece of software that everyone should have on their computers, Word 2016 is the latest word processing program from Microsoft. With this software, you are able to create, view and edit documents as you wish.

The latest version of this software comes packed with new tools, such as enhanced proofreading updates and online collaborative features. This is one of the most basic tools for a computer and Black Friday is the best time of the year to get it.

Excel 2016

Excel 2016 is Microsoft’s dedicated spreadsheet processor. Perfect for tabulating large amounts of numerical data, Excel 2016 comes with better graphical analysis tools and charts for visually appealing diagrams. Perfect for people dealing with numbers on a daily basis, Excel 2016 comes with a discount during this year’s Black Friday deals.

Microsoft Office 2016 Business Mac

Even for people using a MacBook, Microsoft Office is still their choice for a productivity suite. Microsoft 2016 is the latest Office suite by Microsoft and offers all programs within its umbrella that can help boost productivity for all kinds of businesses.

For this package, the programs included are Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote - programs that are undoubtedly used for a business or office to operate efficiently.

Microsoft Office 2016 Business PC

For offices with PC units, Microsoft Office 2016 Business for PC will be the way to go. Including programs such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, this Office suite package will be more than enough to handle day-to-day operations in an office or business.

Additionally, Office 2016 comes with more themes, making it easier to create beautiful documents quicker than ever before.

Microsoft Office Professional 2016

The Microsoft Office Professional tool is basically Microsoft’s Swiss Army Knife. This is because it provides a great deal of useful programs such as Word 2016Excel 2016PowerPoint 2016, OneNote 2016, Outlook 2016Publisher 2016 and Access 2016.

Packed with all the programs you will ever need, Black Friday is the best day to get this package and have everything inside it too. Designed for professionals, Microsoft Office Professional 2016 is better integrated for the online platform, making collaborations easier than in previous Microsoft Office versions.

Project 2016 Professional

Perfect for both team members and team leaders, Project 2016 Professional is the best collaboration software on the market. With a quick and easy startup, you are able to use Project 2016 Professional for operations such as scheduling and managing from the comforts of a single program. Microsoft Project also comes built with data-analyzing graphs for better visualization of the daily operations.

Visio 2016 Professional

If you love beautiful and interactive diagrams, then get your hands-on Visio 2016 Professional this Black Friday. In this software, you are able to link data in diagrams, which makes diagrams both beautiful and functional. Additionally, in Visio 2016 Professional, collaborative features have been enhanced, making it easier to work with others on a single project.

Windows 10 Professional

Windows 10 Professional comes with everything Windows 10 Home does and more. As the professional version of the latest operating system by Microsoft, you get more connectivity and privacy tools that you wouldn’t even know you needed.

For a normal user, the Windows 10 Home would suffice, but if you are in a line of work that requires you to use Client Hyper-V, or connect to the Windows Domain, then the Windows 10 Pro is the one for you.

Windows Server 2016 Essentials

The Windows Server operating system line was created by Microsoft to function as virtual servers that can be used in operations such as web hosting. In the Windows Server 2016 Essential package, you’ll be getting exciting new features such as integration with Azure Site Recovery Services, perfect as a backup and a failsafe.

You also get integration with Azure Virtual Network for easy resource management and Cloud support. Basically better for larger deployments but also basic IT departments, Windows Server 2016 Essentials may not be for everyone. However, if it is something you have been wanting or needing, then Black Friday is the best time of the year to get it.

Windows Server 2016 Standard

The standard version of the Windows Server 2016 is packed with features previous versions could only dream of. The Standard version is perfect for companies with low IT requirements. Loaded with all the server features needed to maintain their system, Windows Server 2016 Standard can run two virtual machines.

It also has features that the Essential does not, such as the core functionality of Windows Server, Windows Server containers, Host Guardian service and Nano servers.


With all the different programs Microsoft offers, there’s always at least one program that will fit your everyday life. Deciding whether to get Microsoft programs is easy because it’s always a yes, so the question is when to get the Microsoft programs you need. Of course, the answer to that is simple: Black Friday.