Digital downloads of apps offer convenience to mobile device users from around the world. It puts the power of information at their fingertips, giving them a wide range of options that enhance their current lifestyles. It doesn’t matter if the app’s goal is to inform, educate or merely entertain its users. People like holding powerful tools in their hands which is why so many companies contemplate creating apps that target mobile device users in their chosen demographic.

App Developers See the Value in Windows 10

Many developers are opting to bring apps to Windows 10 for good reason. They’re able to target a number of different devices with very little time and money. Simply put, they’re getting more bang for their buck developing for Windows. The level of continuity is the highest for developers, starting with development and finishing with UI.

Continuity Across All Devices

Windows 10 apps work with phones, PCs, tablets, Xboxes, iOTs, and Surface Hubs.  The core is the same making it possible for single app package to be downloaded and installed across a number of devices. Anyone who owns more than one device like the idea of using the same application on everything they use.

Starting Projects on One Device and Finishing It On Another

What makes this outstanding is the idea that you can start editing a MS Word document while riding public transportation to work. Then, once in the office, you can connect a monitor mouse and keyboard to the device and finish the task at hand. Talk about efficiency! Think about the amount of time you’ll save yourself by having projects started before you even get into the office.

The UI on the Mobile Device Looks like Windows 10 Would on a Computer

The UI on the monitor looks like Windows 10 would on a PC. The document can then be edited using keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls. Basically, this option keeps things uniform. Although it’s still in the early stages of development, many people look forward to having this type of control over their workflow.

The Same Experience Across the Board on All Devices

Users want their devices to remember them and how they use said devices. They don’t want a different experience when using their phones and PCs. Instead, they want true mobility which is what occurs when the cloud supports the transition “of a user’s experiences across devices.” Learning how to use the apps on a multitude of devices takes less time because it’s the same on a PC and a smartphone.

Seasonal Factors That Developers Consider

There are a number of seasonal factors that developers consider when creating apps for Windows 10. Among them is how technology is used. This includes how many personal computing devices are owned by people, how often cloud computing is used, and how big of role smartphones have on the public. These factors create the shift in personal computing and influence developer decisions about when to release apps.

What SoftwareKeep Offers Its Customers

In addition to downloading apps through the SoftwareKeep website, you also have the option to buy MS Office. There are a number of different versions for you to choose from including Student Microsoft Office. Download Microsoft Office for Mac or PC, depending on your needs. You’ll have access to a wide range of programs and tools that physically enhance your documents and presentations.

Instant Access to the Software You Need

Download MS Office and Windows 10 apps and increase the efficiency and up the level of professionalism of your visual presentations. You’ll love having plenty of options to choose from. You won’t have to wait for the software to arrive by mail, either, because you can digitally download it immediately after purchasing it from our website.

Use Microsoft Office for Home, Work or School

The MS Office version you choose to work with at home, work or school depends largely on what you need it for. Each version offers its own programs and tools to work with. This can enhance the projects that you’re already working on, streamlining some elements of the process, and making the final product a bigger success.

Microsoft is constantly updating and improving its software so that you’re able to access the software and apps that you need to be successful. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of our newest offerings. You’re also entitled to group discounts when you digitally download MS Office products to the many computers used in your workplace.