If your personal, professional or academic life needs organization, you’re not alone. Chronic disorganization sidelines a lot of people. It halts productivity and causes chaos. When you’re not organized, you’re not aware of what you have, the time constraints that you’re faced with or even the budget you have set aside for your basic needs.

Use Microsoft’s Programs for Home, Work or School

Thanks to Microsoft’s popular software suite, Microsoft Office 2016, you can get yourself organized in a few easy steps. Once you’ve gotten used to using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook, you’ll find additional ways to utilize the programs to organize your household, workplace or classroom.

Get Your Fall Affairs in Order Quickly

Here are five ways that Microsoft Office makes you more organized in the fall:

  1. It helps you get your bills in order so you can create a monthly budget.

    Who couldn’t benefit from seeing all their expenses add up on a regular basis? Use Excel to keep track of bills and their due dates. See how the money that you make is being spent each month by creating a budget that you can follow easily. If you create a template, you can customize cells with new data if it changes without having to formulate everything again. You’ll gain greater control of your finances when you see what’s going out as it compares to what is coming in.
  2. It allows you to design a flyer for the fall festival you planned on having in your community.

    Using Microsoft Word’s Design tab, create a stunning announcement for your next event. You’ll have access to many templates or have the option to create your own from scratch. No matter what you decide to do, know that you don’t have to be a designer to make use of the Design tools offered through Word. A little experimentation and imagination are what it takes to make your work stand out.
  3. It keeps you in touch with your work colleagues, family members, and friends.

    Use Outlook to send emails, photos, and attachments to the people you interact with most. You can store their contact information in the email client and use the address book whenever you need to call them or send something to their physical address. You’re not stuck walking around with an analog version of an address book when you have a digital version built into the program that you’re using.
  4. It helps you get a head start on National Novel Writing Month.

    If you’re a writer or an aspiring writer, you can start working on your novel in time for November’s National Novel Writing Month. If you’ve already written a novel and want to proof it and format it, you can do so with Design and Layout options. You can also use the Review tools to read your work aloud so you can hear how each sentence sounds. It’s an easy way to find errors that spelling and grammar trackers might miss.
  5. It gives your calendar an update so you don’t miss out on any fun or enriching activities.

    Use Outlook to keep track of all your important tasks, activities, and appointments. You can see your personal and professional calendars side-by-side to compare them. This allows you to see where you have free time or where commitments overlap. You won’t commit to two things at once and you’ll even find opportunities to rest and relax when you see the calendars next to each other.

You’ll find many ways to use Office 2016 once you’ve purchased it. The list above is just a sample of what you’re capable of doing with the software. The more you work with it, the more discoveries you’ll make!

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