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How to Create Templates in Microsoft Word Like a Pro

Calvince Nyawara
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One of the biggest selling points of MS Office is that it includes Word, a powerful word processing program. Creating multimedia, full-color documents including reports, newsletters, posters, and resumes is easy once you understand how to use the software’s many tools and features.

Template Creating 101

To create a letterhead in Word, there are a few things you’ll need to do. To get started, follow these steps in order.

Download Microsoft Office after buying it from SoftwareKeep. Wait for an email to arrive in your inbox with download instructions. Once the software is on your computer, you’ll want to go to MS Office and open the program up.

Then start with a blank document while using the Print Layout view. Go to the Insert tab and selection the option named Header. You’ll then see a variety of options for the Header box.

Click on your preferred stile then return to the File tab and select Picture. You’ll then have the option to select it From File and then see the Insert File dialog open.

From there, you’ll be able to look for graphic logo file and click insert. See how the image looks and decide whether or not you need to crop it. Make the adjustments before moving on to the next step in the creation process which is to align the graphic to the left, center or right.

Then, add whatever text you omitted. This allows you to complete the header portion of your letterhead before moving on to the letterhead footer. You’ll be going through a number of steps like you did before.

Customizing the Footer Portion of the Document

The first thing to do to create the footer is to go to the Insert tab and select Header. You’ll see the Footer box open and offer various styles for you to choose from. Select the style you like best and add your contact information such as a physical mailing address.

Change the font by highlighting the text and right clicking to open the mini format bar. You can then click the Close Header and Footer button and view your letterhead. You’ll also want to test out what it looks like printed.

Saving the Template

To save your template, go to File and then Save As. Change Save as type to Document Template. This will place your letterhead in the Templates folder for easy access. Add the name that you want to use for the template and click Save.

How to Use the Template

Using the template is easy. Open Word and select File then New. Click on My templates and then while the dialog box is open, choose your newly named template before clicking OK. You’ll have a letterhead that is ready for use so you can type the letters that you need for home, work, and school.

If you’ve forgotten to keep a master copy of the template, there are ways around that if you’re using Word 2013 for Mac. You’ll need to open the document and remove the text that doesn’t need to always be there. Then click on the File tab to be given additional options.

Choose Save As and name the document. Choose Save As a Word Template from the dropdown list. Then click Save before closing the template and reopening it to see if it looks the way you want it to.

What Makes SoftwareKeep the Place to Get MS Office Software?

When you download Office, you’re not expected to master its many programs in days. That’s why Word tutorials exist for you to refer to. There is simply too many tools to learn and features to take advantage of to consider yourself a pro upon downloading the software.

The only real decision you need to make right away is to buy MS Office from SoftwareKeep. You can then decide to download Microsoft Office for Mac or PC, depending on your operating system. You may prefer to use Student Microsoft Office opposed to other versions of the software.

Again, that is a matter of preference. You’ll find the latest versions of Microsoft Office available for purchase through our website. The point is to download MS Office and familiarize yourself with its many programs and features right away.



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