With the purchase of $26.2 billion LinkedIn, Microsoft is now posed with an even bigger question than how hard to fight for the company. Instead, it now must decide what to do with the massive amount of business information that it obtained. As with anything else Microsoft has done in the past, its chief executive, Satya Nadella, is focusing on how to use the data to benefit Microsoft and its customers.

Updating a LinkedIn Profile Automatically

Both business customers and consumers are said to find the company’s integration plan appealing. Within MS Word, men and women are given the option to create resumes from scratch or from one of the many templates available to users. Once completed, they’ll be able to automatically update their LinkedIn profiles with the most current information.

This is a distinct advantage because it takes time to upload documents through the LinkedIn website. With this option, updating resume information is easier because it’s done within Word. Saving customers time and effort is among the top priorities of Microsoft.

As seen before, the company is constantly updating and improving its offerings to make its products more useful to customers. Software Keep stays on top of these changes and offers insight through our blog and email communications. To stay in the know, our customers can sign up for our newsletter and bookmark our website for the most current information.

Using LinkedIn Identity to Sign Into Outlook and Office

Another thing to note is how LinkedIn updates will go through Windows 10’s Action Center. You’ll then use your identity with the business networking site in Outlook and Office. The LinkedIn Learning online education option is available for Office 365 subscription users.

You’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge that propels your professional career. Doesn’t it make sense to use Microsoft software to update your information on LinkedIn anyway? Isn’t that how you set yourself apart from others in the industry you work in?

Keep Track of Your LinkedIn Contacts Easily

You’ll be able to use LinkedIn Lookup to get important information about your contacts and colleagues. The Sales Navigator ties in with Dynamics 365 as a way to sell better socially. The company also plans to publish as a “business news desk” similar to MSN.com, bringing its own content to the internet.

Sharing a “Store of Digital Intelligence” with Its Customers

Microsoft’s big move to buy LinkedIn was clearly strategic. The company wants to dominate the business landscape by combining its products with an already established “store of digital intelligence” according to PC World. The $26.2 billion price tag will then be determined to be a good or bad investment based on the results Microsoft receives.

Incorporating Educational Videos Into Microsoft Software

The software company also sees potential in Lynda.com, an online educational resource, which can help it create additional revenue. LinkedIn bought the tutorial-driven platform last year and it came as part of the deal between the business networking site and Microsoft. I plans to offer Lynda’s videos in Excel spreadsheets and other software according to the Wall Street Journal.

A huge advantage for newer users of MS Office, having immediate access to videos that help guide them through the creation of spreadsheets, word documents, and emails is ideal. Individuals who once felt that Microsoft’s software was too complicated for them to grasp, now have the option to learn as they go and correct their mistakes along the way.

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