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Mind Blowing A.I. Tricks to Explore in Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office is all about increasing efficiency. The popular software suite offers a wide range of programs and tools that help you take your communications to the next level quickly and affordably. Rather than be forced to buy and learn several different types of software, purchase MS Office and put the digital download to good use right away.

Automating software and making it more machine intelligent has long been a goal of Microsoft who announced in 2016 some A.I. tricks that help boost productivity. Imagine your surprise when you type in a command and the software instantly takes care of the request for you. Think about how much more efficient you’ll be in meeting that deadline next time.

Here is just a sample of the things that Microsoft Office can do with this upgrade:

  • Facial Recognition in PowerPoint.

    Drop a photo into a slide and watch as the program recognizes it’s a face and crops and positions it automatically. This puts the image front and center where it belongs without additional work from you.
  • Use a Phrase to Build a Brochure in Sway.

    Type in a phrase and let the tool build a brochure for you. You’ll still be required to personalize details but it will take care of the basic design process which saves you time.
  • Find Out Quickly If You’re Using Passive Voice.

    An Editor in Word will let you know if the voice you’re using is passive. It also identifies extra words and unclear phrases. If you’re the type of person who writes first and edits after, you’ll appreciate this tool doing the hard work for you.
  • Keep Colors Consistent in PowerPoint.

    Extract colors from the photos and images that you use in your presentations. The app determines which colors you’ve already selected and matches them. This helps create consistency without requiring use of graphic design programs.
  • Use Existing Content Without Having to Search All Over for It.

    Use the Tap feature in Word and Outlook to search for content that already exists. Save valuable time scanning your hard drive and the cloud for documents that you’ve already created.
  • Create Maps in Excel.

    Type in the data and let Maps take over by pinpointing the geographic location that applies to the information provided. If you want to know how much money people in a certain city spent on your products, you’ll be able to do it with ease. Best of all, the map is colorful and effective which strengthens your presentation even more.


There are a number of advantages of using Microsoft Office. As you can see, the company is committed to bringing exciting technology to its users through the software and apps that it created. If time is of the essence for you, and you want to experience greater ease when creating communications to share with others, keep SoftwareKeep in mind.

We provide different versions of Microsoft software and apps for you to purchase and digitally download. There is no running to a store at night because you have a last minute project to complete. You’re also not stuck waiting days for the software to arrive in the mail.

You’re able to get started on your Word, Excel or PowerPoint project right away. Do what it takes to get ahead by downloading the software and app of your choice and getting familiar with how it works. You’ll find the programs and tools that you have access to very valuable.

Make Microsoft Office your software suite of choice. Start taking note of all the tools and features the software provides. You’ll notice a difference in the speed you’re able to complete projects as well as how polished and professional they look when presented to other people.

SoftwareKeep offers the latest MS Office products for you to choose from. In addition to allowing you to buy MS office at discounted prices for groups, we also offer a money back guarantee. Your copy of Student Microsoft Office is available for digital download within minutes of you buying it.

Download Microsoft Office for Mac computers right away. There is also versions for PCs, too. Make it easier to perform mind blowing A.I. tricks by keeping the latest version of the software on hand.

Get Microsoft Office here.


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