Between writing academic papers, creating presentations and collaborating with fellow colleagues, you need an app that can meet the demands of your ever-changing student life. Although Office 2016 and Office 365 share many similarities, there are multiple factors which go into the decision of purchasing one or the other.  


Desired Programs and Features

One of the main aspects which will affect your buying decision will be the availability of different applications. Should you only require essential Office features such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word, you will need to look no further than Office 365. In comparison, should your student life demand a more robust and comprehensive program with access to other features (i.e., access to SharePoint), Office 2016 might be the right choice.

It’s important to note that Office 365 is a subscription-based service, meaning that access to new features will be yours once they become available. Thus, you are able to benefit from a multitude of different programs which may serve you in the future, as your needs evolve.

Compared to 365, Office 2016 will require the installation of a new version of Office in order to access any new features. This aspect can be a bit painstaking, since students are prone to handling multiple tasks within a short amount of time - convenience plays a key part in the overall student experience.


When it comes to availability and connectivity to multiple devices, Office 365 makes the function more accessible than ever, giving you a plethora of options – in addition to the ability to install that version of Office on multiple devices. Sure, Office 2016 allows students to save their data on the Cloud, but simplicity is not as simple as it is with 365.

Movement Between Plans

Because Office 2016 is a standalone software, purchasing a new version or a new license will be imperative for accessing new upgrades or features. In comparison, Office 365 gives you the ability to seamlessly switch between plans using the admin center whenever you choose and from the comfort of your home.


Connecting to Multiple Devices

Possibly one of the most useful tools for students is the ability to access a program on multiple electronic devices. Office 2016 is designed around this idea - understanding the growing and evolving needs of students and the process of obtaining information via different means.

In fact, Office 2016 can be installed on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets and five phones. Additionally, you have the ability to access any online version of Office, by merely using a device that has an Internet connection.

In comparison, Office 365 solely allows for one install per device, but you are able to still keep it on one PC, tablet, Mac and phone all at once. An added bonus is that Office 365 mobile applications are equipped with more features and useful little gadgets. This is ideal if you tend to work mostly on your tablet or mobile phone.


As previously mentioned, Office 365 is a subscription-based service. It can be useful to choose a payment type which goes by the year, as you will receive a discount that works out as having two free-of-charge months per annual year.

This feature can be a big financial help for students worldwide, but if you choose a monthly-based payment plan, you’ll need to pay a tiny bit more. However, the advantage is that you are able to end your subscription at the end of any month, depending on your financial circumstances or any other possible changes.

Therefore, you could say that the monthly subscription is a more attractive option for students who merely use Office a few months out of the year - possibly during the busiest academic periods. In comparison, a yearly commitment works for any student who is also a small entrepreneur and works from home.

Check Office 365 Education Eligibility

University students have the option of purchasing a four-year subscription which cover their entire academic education. The price is incredibly attractive and can be considered as relatively cheap.

A small side note would be that, in some cases, universities and schools allow their students to benefit from a free subscription to Office 365 Education. Thus, make sure you check this option, as well.

Check Office 2016 University Eligibility

Office 2016 can be viewed as a more of a buy-once deal for students who know and love the features it offers. For this classic and simple version, you will get Office 365 Education, although the Office Home & Student 2016 might be another version which is worth your interest.

Cloud Storage Capacity

When it comes to storage capabilities, Office 365 is equipped with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage which can, depending on the purchased version, be extended. Take, for example, Office 365 Home, which allows up to five users to use 1TB of data storage.

In comparison, Office 2016 does not include any cloud storage. However, you are able to get your hands on around 50GB of OneDrive storage at a separate monthly price. Also, it is worth noting that the initial 5GB OneDrive storage plan is free of charge.


If you’re a student who enjoys using multiple devices in order to get things done for critical academic deadlines, Office 365 might just be the way forwards. Alternatively, if you tend to use your PC or laptop and don’t have any immediate expansion plans, Office 2016 might be just what you're looking for.

In the same way, if cloud storage is essential for your academic essays, presentations, or lectures, Office 365 offers around 1TB of data storage capabilities – more than you’ll probably ever need. In comparison, if you tend to store information on an external drive, Office 2016 might just be enough to suit your student needs.

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