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Strengthen Group Projects with Microsoft Word

Calvince Nyawara
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The likelihood of you needing to work on a group project at least once in your adult life is good. You may be asked to collaborate with your peers at work or school. In doing so, you’re able to divide up tasks, talk about what is working and what isn’t, and improve the final product quickly and effectively. Know the office for businesses download.

Have Multiple People Work on a Single Document

Microsoft Word enables group collaboration on a single document. In order to collaborate using the co-authoring feature, you’ll need to share the document by saving it to the cloud. You do this by clicking on Share and choosing OneDrive or the SharePoint Online location and folder needed. Click Save.

Share the Document on OneDrive or SharePoint

You only have to Add a Place (OneDrive or SharePoint) once because it will default to the selected option. Once you’re in the Share pane, you can choose the people you want to invite to view and edit the document. You do this by typing in their email addresses in the Invite people box.

Give People Permission to Edit the Document

You’ll need to give them permission to edit. If you want to add a message that they can read, you can. Then choose Automatically share changes and set it to Ask me or Always. Once you’re done doing that, choose Share.

This allows you to choose who can work on the document. To start collaborating together, you’ll need to open and edit the document in MS Word 2016 or Word Online. Everyone that you invited to view the document will click on the link and be taken to it. While they work on their part of the project, you’ll see changes as they happen.

Colored Flags Let You Know What Everyone is Working On

That’s why it’s important to make sure that you agreed to automatically sharing changes. You’ll see colored flags indicating what part of the document a person is working on. It also lets you know when someone who is collaborating with you enters or leaves.

Use Skype for Business to Speak Privately to Collaborators

If you’re trying to account for everyone working on a group project, this feature can be very handy. You’re also given the option to chat with people using Skype for Business. If something needs to be addressed privately, you won’t have any type of issue with it. You can talk to the person without anyone else being privy to the conversation.

Know What Has Been Done and What Needs to Be Done

Accessing the Activity pane lets you know who has been online and what actions they have chosen to do while working. This helps you keep track of who did what. This helps you delegate additional responsibilities to parties that finish their parts early.

Buy and Download Microsoft Office

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Transform Your Group Documents into Spectacular Communications

Your presentations and communications will stand out because they’re polished and professional. They’ll set the bar high for future documents, slideshows, and emails, too. Your group projects will evolve from being basic and one-sided to complex and multi-dimensional.

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