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What’s New in Office 2019

Calvince Nyawara
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Microsoft Office 2019 is set to debut sometime in the second half of the year. So far, Microsoft has been very quiet about its marquee product, refusing to even set a firm date when Office 2019 will be available.

There are, however, some things that we can find out, despite the lack of definitive news. Using some recent announcements, as well as Microsoft’s history, the picture for Office 2019 becomes a little clearer.

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Likely Release Dates

Microsoft has remained very quiet about the release date for Office 2019, however, if history is any indication, the new edition may be released in the late summer/early fall.

This would fall in line with the release for Office 2016 in 2015. That was released on Mac on July 9 and on PC on September 22.

It is also likely that Office 2019 will be released to Office 365 customers first. With Microsoft making a real push for users to switch to Office 365 from the traditional, perpetual model, it would make sense to give preferential treatment to those who have already signed up for Office 365.


Likely New Features

There are certain to be major additional features to the Office 2019 programs that have not yet been released. However, some features have already been discussed. For instance, there are some Office 2019 changes in Excel that will please any database user. Microsoft has promised new formulas and charts. PowerPoint will also get new animation features like zoom and morph. So far, there are no Office 2019 Word references in any Microsoft statements, but there are likely to be some impressive new features there as well.

The biggest new feature that Microsoft has promised is improved inking features that allow for more natural writing with the stylus. These include pressure sensitivity and tilt.

Finally, Microsoft has signaled it will offer more options for those who don’t want to work so extensively with the cloud. That may mean easier storage of files and programs on the desktop instead of a more cloud-focused saving system.


Likely Programs

So far, Microsoft has said nothing about which programs will be included in Office 2019, nor what the different suite options will be. Certainly, the core programs will be present in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook. Almost as certainly, the next level programs will also be available, so users will see a new Microsoft Office 2019 edition of Access and a new Microsoft Publisher for Office 2019.

Some other programs have also been confirmed by Microsoft, including Skype for Business, Exchange, and SharePoint. However, there is no information on whether other programs may be included, nor which suites will have which programs.

The best guess is to assume the programs will continue to be organized as they were in the Office 2016 suites.


Microsoft Office 2019 Preview

For those who can’t wait for the full release, Microsoft has said there will be an Office 2019 preview for all the apps. A set date has not been mentioned, but it will be in the second quarter of 2018, which matches up well with the above estimates for an overall release sometime in the early fall.

System Requirements

The exact, specifics requirements are not known for Office 2019, but there is at least one set fact about the system requirements and a number of likely possibilities.

The fact is that all PCs will be required to have Windows 10 in order to use Office 2019.  This does not affect Mac users, although some more advanced requirements may be in place for them as well.

With that in mind, PCs will need at least the requirements for Windows 10 in order to run Office 2019. The Windows 10 requirements are:

  • 1 GHz process

  • 1 GB RAM for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit

  • 16 GB free disk space

  • A DirectX 9 graphs card

  • A Microsoft account

  • Internet access

For Mac users, the requirements will be at least those for Office 2016, which are:

  • Intel process

  • 4 GB RAM

  • 6 GB free disk space

  • HFS+ hard disk format

  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution

  • OS X 10.10 or later operating system

  • A Microsoft account

  • Internet access

Again, the requirements for PC are certain to be at least this up-to-date. It is best to expect even more advanced requirements and to be prepared for such demands, especially if you want to run Office 2019 at an optimal speed.


How to Get It

Microsoft has made no mention of a change in the purchasing or downloading system for Office 2019, which suggests all suites will be available in the same was as Office 2016 before it. That means, individual perpetual suites can be purchased from websites like There, they can either get the install disks that can be loaded through a DVD drive, or purchase the suite for downloading, where they will receive a product key which allows them to download and install their suite. Otherwise, users can sign up for Office 365 and receive Office 2019 as a free upgrade.


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