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Need Office for home, business or school? There is an Office version that’s right for you.

The best from Microsoft is now available for students and educators – Choose Office Home and Student for your school or home and experience the power of endless capabilities. With built-in programs and applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, you can get your hands on the most widely used and loved professional productivity tools around the world too. If you want to create, express, document or present, the Microsoft Office Home and Student Edition is the perfect medium for all your work at school or home. Plus, with a lifetime warranty and access to amazing applications, you need not worry about the validity of this amazing software suite again and only focus on your productivity.

Office for Students and Educators

A successful education requires all the right tools be available. Among the most important nowadays is Microsoft Office, which includes the best programs on the market for writing essays and creating presentations.

Every suite of Office includes:

  • Microsoft Word for all student and teacher word processing needs
  • Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations
  • Microsoft OneNote for note taking, including in recent editions, audio and video notes, as well as drawing

In addition, all recent versions have a number of features that can aid in the education process, including connecting to the cloud and allowing for collaboration with peers.

Installation and Licensing

All Microsoft student suites below allow for one installation on one computer. The Office suite will remain active indefinitely and does not require a renewed subscription.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home And Student for PC

The most recent edition designed for student use is Office 2016. This suite involves all the expected programs listed above and comes with many useful features, including:

  • Greater cloud integration to allow for easier saving of files directly from desktop
  • A Tell Me function that makes searching for features in the programs easier and more efficient
  • Document co-authoring for student collaboration that allows for real time creation and editing of a document by multiple authors
  • Insights search options that allow for researching directly from the document to online resources like Wikipedia
  • New charts and templates in Excel for easier understanding of data
  • More PowerPoint animations to improve presentations to students

These functions allow users to save documents more easily and to connect and collaborate more easily than ever before.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Student for Mac

For those students and teachers who use Macs (or iPads) instead of PCs, Office 2016 comes with good news: this edition is almost completely equal to the PC counterpart.

Aside from a few features missing, such as the Tell Me function that allows for easier searching of tasks in the ribbon within documents, Office 2016 for Mac has all the same programs as well as all the key collaborative and cloud-based features.

Of crucial importance is the far more similar look the Mac edition has to the PC edition, allowing for the first time, easy transition between the two. For students new to Apple products, this allows for immediate comprehension and intuitive use from the first moment.

Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student for PC

For those interested in a solid and dependable edition of Office for PC, but who do not care for the new features, Office 2013 Home and Student remains available and an excellent option.

Office 2013 has a number of useful features, including some of the connectivity and collaborative elements found in 2016. Those features include:

  • New abilities in Word, including object zooming, a read mode, and inserting videos from online
  • The ability to easily search for and insert images from Bing and Flickr into documents
  • New slide designs for PowerPoint
  • Suite integration with communication programs like Skype and Yammer to allow for more student-to-student discussions and collaboration
  • The ability to use OneDrive to save documents to the cloud

While some of the more advanced features of Office 2016 are missing, this edition allows for high-quality education options for students and teachers. The programs are dependable and allow for all traditional functions of the Office suite, all at a more affordable price.

Microsoft Office 2011 Home And Student For Mac

Microsoft Office 2011 Home And Student For Mac

  • The ability to edit documents from anywhere by connecting directly to the cloud
  • The ribbon interface on all Office programs, for a relatively similar appearance to the PC editions of the programs
  • All the expected templates, animations, charts, and pictures that come with most editions of Office
  • Support for Office Web apps to allow for online work
  • Retina display quality graphics and images

While Office 2016 for Mac offers a more familiar look and more collaborative features, Office 2011 remains an excellent option for students and teachers looking for the same quality programs with some connection to the cloud and online use.