Sometimes when working on documents, it is not uncommon for people to have to, at times, convert PDF files to Words on their Mac. While PDF files look much more presentable, as well as appealing, editing a PDF can be extremely tricky as well as in some case impossible. This is where having a word file or text file shines through. So, if you are in need to edit a specific resume or you may need to edit a thesis while it is in PDF format - then it can help to know of specific ways to convert the PDF file to Word on Mac.

What is PDF?

A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that is used to present or to exchange documents reliably. Adobe invented PDF. PDF is now an open standard that is maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). PDFs can also contain links as well as buttons, form fields, audio tracks, video clips, and business logos. PDF files can also be signed electronically as well as being very easily viewed using the free Acrobat Reader DC software.

What Is Microsoft Document?

Microsoft Word is widely used as a commercial word processor that was designed by Microsoft. Microsoft Word is an element of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software (that is easily one of the most important aspects for many students, small business to corporations), but it can also be purchased as a stand-alone product.

Microsoft Word was initially launched back in 1983. It has since then been revised numerous times; making it more effective and efficient. Microsoft Word is available for both Windows as well as the Macintosh operating systems; however, it can be a bit more difficult to download on a Mac.

Microsoft Word offers several features to make document creation as well as document editing easier.

These features include:
  • WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) display: This helps to ensure that everything that is displayed on the screen will appear the same way when printed or when something is moved to another format or program.
  • Spell check: This is a Word feature that is a built-in dictionary for spell checking and misspelled words. The errors are marked with a red squiggly underline.
  • Text-level features: features such as bolding, underlining, italicizing and strike-through lines.
  • Page-level features: these are indentation, paragraphing or justification.
  • External support: this is a Word feature that is compatible with many other programs.

Method 1: Convert PDF to Word Online

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to convert PDF to a Word document from your Mac or Windows PC. Follow these steps below to do it effectively as well as easily:

  • STEP #1: First thing first - open any browser on your Mac or PC and navigate to
  • STEP #2: Second, you will want to click on the Upload files button and select your PDF document.
  • STEP #3: Third you will want to convert to Word document automatically.
  • STEP #4: Last, click on the Download button along with the save button on the doc or docx file on your Computer.

Now you will be able to open as well as manage the converted Word document on your Computer using MS Word, Pages or other document managing app.

Method 2: Convert PDF to Word on Mac using Google Docs

Google Docs is a handy tool in of itself. Google Docs provides additional functionality in the form of having an inbuilt PDF Conversion tool as well. Using the Google Docs to get your conversion needs out of the way is quite easy. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • STEP #1: Log in to the Google Docs website using your Google Account.
  • STEP #2: Click the ‘Upload’ button and select the PDF file you want to convert..
  • STEP #3: After doing so click the ‘File’ button and select ‘Download As’ from the menu that appears.
  • STEP #4: Select to download as a Microsoft Word DOCX file.

This is easily one of the most convenient ways to quickly convert PDF to Word on Mac. All you need is your google account and an internet connection, and you are all good.

Oh! One more thing.

It’s completely free to use!

Method 3: Copy Text from the PDF and Paste to DOC

Quite often the most straightforward answer is usually also the most obvious one, and this applies here too. Just copy and paste whatever it is in the PDF into Word and then save, and that’s it. However, one concern of this method is that it will only work with PDF files that have a lot of text in them with little else. The steps to follow are:

  • STEP #1: Open the PDF file in the Preview App.
  • STEP #2: Highlight and copy the text that you want.
  • STEP #3: Open MS Word, or with another word processor you like and paste it.
  • STEP #4: Save the document and viola; you have successfully managed to convert PDF to Word on Mac.

This method requires minimal effort and technical know-how, but the biggest problem is that it is useful only for text-intensive PDFs.

Method 4: Using Export PDF to DOCX App from Adobe Acrobat

This method is by far one of the best option to use for conversion of files since this method involves the creators of PDF files; Adobe to step in and assist you. They have a web app that will allow you to convert your PDF files to your Word files on your Mac and even other formats such as:

  • DOC
  • RTF
  • Excel XLSX files

This makes sense that the people who invented the PDF would also have a tool to convert them to other formats. See, we told you this was the easiest method. This is by far the best way to convert your PDF to your Word on your Mac, since using this app is fast, it is easy, and it gives the highest possible quality in the converted files. However, and this is why this is ONE method and not the only method, the price tag may be something that most people would not be willing to pay, or maybe as it is NOT that much. It will cost you $23.88 annually to use their apps and services, but it may be pretty cost effective for the person who may need to convert files on a daily basis.

Additional Option:
There are other paid options available that are also other options other than Adobe with some of these having OCR capability, which means Optical Character Recognition. They will be able to identify as well as extract contents from a PDF file much more accurately as well as work well to convert PDF to Word on Mac. These options aren’t exactly cheap either. However, most of them do offer a trial runs at the very least so you can see if it is worth paying for.

Method 5: Extract Text from PDF Files with Automator

Remember the copy and paste method that we explain with from PDF to a DOCX file method? Well, this is the same thing but here the copy and paste part is automated to make it much easier for you. The Automator extracts text and then it pastes it to an RTF or TXT file -- which you will be able to save as a DOC or DOCX file manually. This is a little bit more advanced to use since it creates an automated macro for your task. However, it isn’t that complicated, or as complicated as it seems, as long as you can follow instructions correctly.

  • STEP #1: Launch Automator from your Mac and create a new workflow/service. It can be accessed from /Applications/folder
  • STEP #2: Browse for and select the ‘Get Selected Finder Items’ if you want to use this as a service; this can be done by selecting the option from the right-click contextual menu.
  • STEP #3: After browisng, search for ‘Extract PDF Text’ and drag that under your previous selection. Now you can choose how you want the PDF text output to be, in Plain Text (TXT) or Rich Text (RTF).
  • STEP #4: Click Run to see the Automator in action and select the PDF file you want to be converted.
  • STEP #5: Next, open the exported PDF file and see whether the file was converted to your requirements or not.

Again, this method will not be 100% accurate as there may be certain characters that are missing, and there may be letters out of place -- but on the whole, it should have everything else that you will need.

Why not use Pages, TextEdit, MS Office or XYZ App?

Great question. Many of you, who have a Mac, will already know that attempting to open a PDF file by using some other text editor directly will only show you nonsense or gibberish. Therefore, it is a requirement that you extract the contents from the PDF manually OR that you make use of a way to convert PDF to Word on Mac.

Benefits of Microsoft Word

  • Put your best words forward: With Word, you will be able to write with confidence -- having great informed that your work will be the best due to the smart technology designed in Words to help with your spelling, grammar, and even stylistic writing suggestions. With tools at your fingertips, you can quickly go from pen to paper and to digital effortlessly.
  • Stay in the flow: You can get all the information you will need as you write and do so -- without ever having to leave Word, whether it’s a teammate’s PowerPoint slide, cited research, or reports from your LinkedIn to help you craft a compelling and eye-catching resume or article.
  • Work better together: It will not matter wherever you are -- you will be able to collaborate in real time. You will also be able to share all your work and documents with just the click of a button. Inviting others (friends, teammates, etc.) to edit in real time or to add comments to a task is also feasible. Lastly, no matter your preferred full language (if you are working in a multi-verbal group) or accessibility options -- everyone on your team will still be able to work together to do more.
  • Collaborate on shared projects: Easily one of the hallmarks. The Office Online combines the more commonly used Office features as well as the real-time co-authoring capabilities.
  • Jumpstart your documents: You will be able to show your professionalism with Word templates in over 40 categories, as well as save so much more time.
  • Connect with experts: If you are having any difficulties you can see what’s new by getting tips along with tricks to help you create, edit, and finally polish documents just like a pro.

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