Microsoft Access 2013 - 1 Install (Download Delivery)

Microsoft Access 2013 - 1 Install (Download Delivery)
Microsoft Access is an information management tool that helps you store information for reporting and analysis
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In order for a business to keep data organized, databases are of central importance. Whether it is keeping track of projects, deliveries, employees, production numbers, or anything else, databases allow every organization to keep track of what is happening on the largest and smallest scale. Microsoft Access has long been at the forefront of business database software, providing quality features for companies across the world. With Microsoft Access 2013, those database features took a huge leap forward by allowing for the creation of web-based and SharePoint hosted database apps that use all the power of the SQL server to provide even more impressive analytics.
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Is Microsoft Access 2013 Right for You?

For those who need flexible databases that provide powerful analytics, Microsoft Access 2013 has everything they are looking for. With custom designed apps, it’s possible to harness all the power of the SQL server while making the database available anywhere through a common browser. The features that connect the database to other data make it possible to move quickly through your information to find the solutions you need.

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The biggest innovation of Microsoft Access 2013 is the ability to create a database app. Thanks to that, most of the other features are now possible. Some of the most important features include:

  • Build apps for SQL Server or stick with desktop databases — As mentioned above, Microsoft Access 2013 users now have the ability to create far more powerful and mobile databases by creating database apps hosted on SharePoint and available for use in your browser. However, if you are interested in continuing to use the traditional, desktop-based database system, it remains available in this edition.
  • Use table templates to build out your app — Building out your app is far easier thanks to the table templates provided by Access. Access will recommend tables that are pre-designed and instantly implemented. Access may also add related tables so you can build out a relational database in your app.
  • Easily import all your data — Getting your data from everyone onto your app is easier than it might sound. With Microsoft Access 2013, you can quickly and straightforwardly import data from other Access databases, as well as Excel, ODBC data sources, text files, and SharePoint lists.
  • Access builds your navigation — Instead of requiring time and effort to create a user interface for your new app, Access will do all that work for you. The navigation is similar for all apps as well, making it easy for users to job from one to another and find their way quickly.
  • Action Bar to easily update data — Changing the database is quick and easy, thanks to the Action Bar. This appears in all views of the database and allows users to add, edit, remove, or save data. Other buttons can be added to modify the user’s potential actions in your database.
  • Redesign your controls — While Access will late out the navigation for you, that doesn’t mean you have to leave everything as is. You can move controls by simply clicking and dragging, so that the controls you prioritize are easiest to use, and the view is the most comfortable for you and your fellow users.
  • Related Items control — With Related Items control, your relational database begins to bear fruit. You get a quick summary of related data from other tables or queries. You can click on the item to get a more detailed view.
  • AutoComplete for faster input — Using data from related databases, Access will suggest data to complete your inputs. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of pieces of information that may involve long titles, this is a huge time saver and makes it much faster to add to your database.
  • Drill-through links quickly show related items — Access can find links between your database and others that you may not see. It then provides drill-through links that display the related item. This feature makes it easy to job because related but not necessarily present information. For instance, if you are reviewing tasks for an employee and want to find out more about the employee, a drill-through link can provide you with that extra information, saving you the time of looking it up elsewhere.
  • More permission features — Making sure each person who accesses your database is using it in the way you wish is crucial to keeping your data organized and avoiding errors or miscommunications that might compromise the data. Access 2013 gives you three levels of permission that you can assign to every user: designer, author, and reader. Designers can change the fundamentals of the database like views and tables, authors can change the data, and readers can only view it.
  • Distribute your app as you wish — Once you have completed your app, you can post it on your Corporate Catalog or on the Office Store. On the Office Store you can choose between making it free or charging a fee. It’s all up to you.

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System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Access 2013 - 1 Install (Download Delivery)

To run Microsoft Access 2013, you will need to be using Windows 7 or later on your PC. On a server, you will need Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.
To run Office 2013 programs like Microsoft Access, the system requirements include:

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster x64 or x86
  • RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
  • Available Disk Space: 3 GB minimum

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Microsoft Access 2013 - 1 Install (Download Delivery)

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