Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 Open Government

Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 Open Government

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Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 Open Government

What Is Microsoft Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is a server designed to handle all your government office’s communication needs. It provides programs and features that cannot just handle but vastly improve your email usage, your contacts organization, your calendars and scheduling, and your messaging. It also provides new abilities to expand your collaboration within the office through connections to SharePoint and a number of server tools.
Exchange provides all the administrative tools necessary to run an efficient server capable of keeping sensitive data secure and keeping up with all compliance needs.

What Is an Open Government License?

An Open Government License is a volume license that allows your government office to run the Microsoft Exchange Server standard 2016. The license is ideal for between two and 250 users but can accommodate up to 750 users.


Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 Features

Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 takes all the upgrades from the last edition (2013) and improves on them all once again. It is now easier than ever to remain connected to the server anywhere, while new collaborative features improve the abilities of everyone in the office to work together to get the most from every project. Administrators and compliance experts will be pleased to find advanced tools that allow them to work more efficiently as well.

Improved accessibility for mobile devices—To really get much use out of modern communication tools, they have to be available everywhere and at all times. Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 makes that easier than ever, with more advances in mobile use, especially for Android and iOS devices. With ever improving server use through your phone and tablet (the primary out-of-office devices for most people), you can get to important messages immediately.

New efficiencies in Outlook on the Web—Email takes up a lot of time and effort in many government offices. Outlook on the Web streamlines a lot of the time-consuming issues behind email with its new features. There is now a single-line view for all emails that allows you to preview every message and know what it’s about without clicking (thus making it easier to find the messages you need to read immediately and those that can wait or just be deleted). The new undo function allows you to immediately return a message to its former location after deletion or moving it, making it easy to correct a slip of the finger or mouse. It’s easier and quicker to add contacts from LinkedIn into your Outlook contacts, and Calendar is better integrated, so it can send you messages about upcoming events and tell you when there’s a conflict.

Superior collaboration features—There are a whole host of features that make it easier than ever to collaborate with Exchange, including:
Site mailboxes pool bring together your Exchange email and SharePoint shared documents into a single location, allowing you to switch between messages and documents quickly and efficiently while working on a project.
Public Folders are a shareable way to organize complex and scattered data into a hierarchy that helps you and others discover new insights. The hierarchy is always visible, making it easy to reference where you are in the material.
Shared Mailboxes is an inbox with multiple people connected to it, so they can all read all the messages and send and respond to email. This is useful for group projects where all the messages need to be shared (thus removing the need to email multiple addresses or anyone accidentally missing out on key updates), or just for general queries from constituents, clients or partners that can be fielded by different people in the office.
Groups allows you to organize contacts into categories based off shared characteristics and interests. With Groups, it’s easy to make sure you are sending emails to all the right parties who either need or will really want the message.

Ease the integration with Office 365 with hybrid wizard—Microsoft is very keen on integrating Exchange into all the Office 365 products to allow for a cohesive suite of programs that address all of your possible needs. To aid in this integration, Exchange comes with the cloud-based Office 365 hybrid wizard app that runs updates, troubleshooting, and diagnostics to make sure the integration goes smoothly.

Expanded Data Loss Prevention—Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 recognizes 80 different types of sensitive data and can help keep it secure. In particular, mail flow expands on previous data loss prevention abilities by rejecting messages that contain sensitive data. Notifications can then be sent explaining why the rejection took place.

More powerful and easier to use compliance tools—Compliance Search allows you to search across each and every mailbox on the server and to run as many searches as you need to get all the data for your compliance needs. In-Place eDiscovery and In-Place Hold work with Public Folders to allow you to search and put holds on all Public Folders.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 Open Government

Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 System Requirements

Running Microsoft Exchange 2016 Enterprise on your system has certain requirements. Among them, you will need at least:

  • Processor: a x64 architecture-based computer with an Intel processor
  • Memory: 8 GB recommended, although this depends on which Exchange server roles you use
  • Available Disk Space: 30 GB minimum for the Exchange Server; 500 MB for chosen Unified Messaging language pack; 200 MB for system drive; 500 MB for message queue database
  • DVD drive
  • Paging File Size: RAM memory + 10 MB, up to the maximum of 32 GB RAM
  • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher

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Microsoft Exchange Server Standard 2016 Open Government

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