Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 provides you the versatility to work from anywhere. As the name suggests, the suite is designed for Mac. At present, even Office 365 is available with a Mac version.

There is nothing much better than knowing more about the package before subscribing or selecting any of its editions, though. By finding out more about the software, you will find it easier to choose one that suits your personal or business needs.

This buying guide provides broad, useful information for people and companies incorporating Microsoft in their daily activities. Since Microsoft Office is now available on Mac, you might find this guide advantageous.

Complete Software Reviews for Microsoft Office for Mac

  • Home & Business 2016
  • Home & Student 2016
  • Home & Business 2011
  • Home & Student 2011
  • 365 Edition
  • 365 Edition (Mac & PC)
  • 365 Personal
  • 365 Business

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 for Mac

This edition of the suite is made for personal use and small business applications. This is a great option if you want the useful features of Outlook for contacts, calendars, and emails. Apart from the core features of Office, you will also find that its new Mac features are considerable. Take note that this edition supports both full-screen view and Retina display. The version is designed to create, view and share files anywhere.

Outlook has the Conversation Cleanup feature. This keeps your inbox a lot more tidy. In one unified folder, you will be able to find all your e-mails. You may also use the import tool to migrate your Windows Outlook to Mac. The upgraded Word program now provides you the freedom to publish documents even on the web. PowerPoint, on the other hand, has broadcast and narration features.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 for Mac

This is a good option if you want to take advantage of the latest features of Mac, such as scroll bounce, Retina display, and full-screen view. It is a great combination of Mac and Office. One of the notable features of the suite is Word’s Reorder Objects, which allow you to sort out graphics, images, and texts across your files. Excel now gives you the chance to concentrate on your data since templates are up and ready. You will also find OneNote’s feature of storing all your notes on the cloud to access them on any device.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 also give you the freedom to work without internet connection. The package allows syncing your OneDrive contents on your PC. This is the perfect choice, if you are a college or university student and you work with a MacBook.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2011 for Mac

You will find your favorite applications in this suite. It is also usable at work, school, or home. The suite is applicable with more than one billion PCs and Macs. The package has everything you need to create, view, modify, and share documents. Collaborating with your team is much easier in any place and time.

The package also features Outlook and Ribbon tabs. If you want to post your documents online for your team to see, you may use Office Web Apps. Co-authoring is also available, giving various authors to work on your document in a variety of places. There are also numerous templates to select from for your next activity. You will find this suite useful in programming since it also has Visual Basic support.

Microsoft Office Home and Student 2011 for Mac

The package is designed to help you with projects related to business, personal use, or school work. It is available with upgraded programs that will let you create, view, and modify presentable documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You will notice that in this lightweight suite, there is a sense of speed and convenience when working with PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. Even when multiple applications are open, you can expect quick responses from all of them.

Presentations will never be an issue anymore since this package comes with a variety of options. You can layer shapes, texts, charts, animations, and pictures effectively. The clutter-free visual interface will allow you to rearrange any element. You can also modify your files via the web. It’s possible to access your folder hosted by Microsoft on any device.

Microsoft Office 365 Edition

Office 365 Software is available with multiple services and products in one. Through the internet, you will be able to set and manage the components of the suite. You can even add users manually. It’s possible to transfer comma-separated values (CSV) file to any program. If you prefer, you could also configure single sign-on with the use of Active Directory Federation Services.

Both the enterprise and business-concentrated plans under this suite will allow you to access the cloud hosting services for convenient file management. You can utilize SharePoint, Office Web Apps, and Skype for Business and Exchange.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal

The package includes core applications, such as Access, Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Word. Office 365 Personal also includes Office 2016 apps for Mac and PC. You can install it on one Mac or PC, one phone, and one tablet. It supports Android, Apple, and Windows devices. Apart from the subscription for the programs, you can also use its one terabyte OneDrive cloud storage. As an extra, it also offers 60 minutes of credit for Skype calls every month, particularly to landlines or mobile numbers.

As long as your subscription for the package is active, you no longer have to worry about Office upgrades. You will always have access to the latest updates of all the features, programs and services.

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Microsoft Office 365 Business

Office 365 Business, as the name suggests, is designed for enterprise use. With the utilization of the suite, you will be able to create awe-inspiring documents best for personal and corporate purposes. Regardless of the device you use, you will find it easy to access, modify, and save documents. It’s also powered with cloud connectivity, making it possible for your files to travel with you. Empowering your team will be easier with the collaboration features, such as smart attachment, online conference, and co-authoring.

It is also designed for improved performance and control, making you more concentrated on your operations. Your data with this suite is secured with its built-in security features.

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Rise of Microsoft Office Mac Version

Versions of Word 1.0 suitable for Macintosh operating system (OS) started as early as 1984. The same period marketed the first Macintosh computer year. In 1985, Excel 1.0 was introduced, whereas 1987 was when PowerPoint 1.0 was released for use. Microsoft did not include the database manager, Access, in the suite compatible with Mac computer. People are not aware that there are Office features that first came into existence in Mac versions than on Windows.

A good example of the said attributes is movie feature of PowerPoint and Project Gallery. Nonetheless, the Mac versions of Microsoft Office were criticized for lacking Unicode and certain languages support. Mainly, it does not work for Hebrew, Arabic, and Persian linguistic communication.

Reasons to Upgrade for Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

With a variety of editions available under Microsoft Office for Mac, including the older ones, it will be more confusing for you to consider an upgrade. Apparently, some people would rather stick with the previous versions to save money from purchasing other licensed software. Besides, as long as they could accommodate their needs with their existing Office programs, they will not think of changing their package. However, if you think the same way, you should think twice. There are reasons why you should upgrade to Microsoft Office for Mac 2016.

To provide you a few of these, here are the following:

  • Better Performance.
  • Teamwork
  • More Effective E-mail Management
  • Improved Presentation of Data
  • Smart Lookup
  • Easier Learning
  • Compatibility Advantage
  • Security at its Best

Upgrades of Office 2016 for Mac

There are several new features added to Office 2016 for Mac, which made the suite more compelling. Here are some of the additional features, to give you an idea:

Cocoa Framework

Cocoa Framework

The entire suite is a complete upgrade from the previous Office for Mac version. Instead of Carbon codebase, it settled with the Cocoa. You will notice that there are fewer complaints with the suite for it lacks some of the exaggerated attributes of old versions.

More Versatility

You will find this a great option if you often change from Microsoft to Macintosh. According to statistics, three-quarters of the Mac version users are composed of cross-platform people. For instance, they have Mac at home and Windows for business.


Integration With Cloud Service

Office 2016 for Mac is integrated effectively with the cloud services of Microsoft. You could view, modify, and even save documents via OneDrive. This makes it easier for you to find documents using various devices.

More Considerable Interface

The interface of Office 2016 for Mac is straightforward. You will notice that the ribbon icon is almost similar to the Windows version. You will also observe that the tabs sequence and layout are constant on all platforms. For instance, the insert tab is being used to add tables. Even the color codes of the programs are found helpful in a way.

More Considerable Interface

Entirely New Outlook

Although Outlook has been considered the weakest member of the family, the Cocoa framework somehow transformed it to become more robust. You will notice that it has a new format for the database.

As for the interface, it now has a layout of three panels and modern touches. Setting up an e-mail account is even easier, such as through internet message access protocol (IMAP) mode. Outlook’s capability to combine various inboxes across your different accounts is what makes it more amazing.

Better Colaboration

Better Colaboration

Working in teams will be much less complicated with the suite. For instance, Word’s biggest update is its feature allowing team members to reply to comments on a document. Co-authoring is also supported. This Word added feature is available in PowerPoint as well.

Highly Improved Charting.

Analysis tools of Excel became better not only through mathematical formula creations but regarding visualizations. For instance, you will be able to handle PivotTables. Besides, experts in Excel will find out why the Data Slicers will be a great update. You will notice that the suggested charts will provide you almost accurate layout and type of graphical presentation.

How to Install Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

Once have selected the right version of Microsoft Office for Mac, you also have to learn how to install the program. There are steps on doing so, which are given below:

Step 1

Check Your Operating System.

You need to be reminded that Office for Mac 2016 is compatible with OS X 10.10 and later. Previous versions of the OS will not allow you to run the program. This is the reason why you have to check first.

Arrow Step
Step 2

Verify if You Have Downloaded the Package Completely

You must ensure that you have downloaded all the files for the setup of the suite. There are cases that you will not be able to open the package without fully downloading the files.

Step 3

Read the License Agreement

Most of the users of Microsoft Office do not even find time to read the license agreement before setting up the program. Avoid this habit, and read the entire agreement. You do not have a reason not to since it is available in various languages, such as English. Once the full excerpt is read, you may scroll up to the bottom.

Step 4

Agree to the License Agreement

Once you have reached to the last part of the license agreement, you will be asked to either agree or disagree with what is written. You simply have to click the Agree button. Afterward, you have to select the destination of the program folders. Then, you can continue.

Step 5

Wait for the Completion

You simply have to wait for the installation to end. Once it does, you will be able to access the Office programs.

Tips on Using Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

To reap the advantages of the entire suite, you must follow tips on utilizing the programs effectively. Most of the time, users rely on the standard features of the application, wasting the added capabilities or updates of the program. To help you avoid this, here are guidelines to follow:

Tip 1

Familiarize Yourself With the Insert Tab

Being familiar with the Insert tab is imperative. By doing so, you will be able to work more efficiently. Simply imagine getting all the tools you commonly use in one place. For instance, you want to sort the features that allow you to add contents to your files. The tab also permits the development of charts and tables. Even if your files are kept on Mac, you may use the tab to import audio, images, and videos.

Tip 2

Do not Forget to Save

This is a rule that most PC and Mac users have forgotten at least once in their lives. Mac users are guiltier about this since OS X is known for its Auto Save feature. However, this is not the case with Office for Mac 2016. This implies that you have to hit the Save button as often as possible. Take note also that Save As is found in the menu under File, which serves as compensation for missing versioning.

Tip 3

Modify the Themes

With the Design tab also included in the Ribbon, you should take advantage of this to change the look of templates. Revise the color schemes, and font uses to end up with a complementing mix. Besides, you are free to add watermarks and background colors if you prefer. To create a more extensive change, you should consider clicking the new Layout option. This gives you the opportunity to create pages with precise dimensions.

Do not Disregard Cloud Storage Integration

You should keep your documents in SharePoint or OneDrive. This way, you will be able to bring your files with you. You can save your files to any of the cloud options by clicking the button with label “Online Locations.” You will find it on the lower left side of the dialog box when saving. Afterward, you simply have to select your account from the options.

Otherwise, you may consider selecting the Plus button to find a different place for saving. There is a difference between SharePoint and OneDrive. The former is known for serving teams and companies whose employees need to share documents. Alternatively, the latter is designed similarly to iCloud Drive.

Tip 5

Use Push E-mail

You should not settle with receiving messages manually. Use the push e-mail feature to avoid configurations or settings. You can activate it by checking if the advanced settings of the feature come with the activation of IMAP-IDLE.

Tip 6

Try Filter Searches

Instead of getting a lot of search results, you should use filtered searches. This is especially useful if you have tons of contacts and various accounts. You may consider filtering the messages using the date when you have received the messages. Do not take for granted categorizing e-mails by category, unread status, attachment availability, and flagging among others.

Hide the Ribbon

You do not have to make the Ribbon visible at all times. It is always considerable to see every space on the screen. You can hide the feature using a single click. In the section of Ribbons, you will find a symbol (^) called caret. It is located on the side of the gear icon. By clicking it, Ribbon section will disappear automatically. To bring back the Ribbon in view, you just need to click the caret symbol again, which is apparently upside down.

Get Your Recent Files Quickly

Have you encountered looking for your previous data with much difficulty? To get rid of this issue, take advantage of the Open Recent option. You could find it under the File Menu. Clicking it will let you view the files you just edited or created. Alongside the name of the files, you will also find out where the documents are stored, such as SharePoint, iCloud Drive, or OneDrive.

Tip 9

Get Real-Time Weather Insights

Outlook has weather feature, which is often overlooked by the users. You will notice that the Office for Mac 2016 now shows the weather for the day and a previous couple of days. If you want to check out more details, you simply have to click on any weather forecast. Outlook collects its weather information from a major location near you. Nonetheless, you can update your area for more accurate weather tracking.

Otherwise, you may make your Outlook screen free from weather updates. You can do this by clicking Preferences. Afterward, you select Calendar.

Tip 10

Utilize Word’s Dictionary

It has been customary to check out the word’s definition with the use of Spotlight or other third-party application. You can save time by using the Word dictionary. You simply have to highlight the word. Afterward, you press Shift and F7 simultaneously. By doing so, Reference Tools will appear. It will provide you the translation, thesaurus entries, and definition all at the same time.

Combine All Calendars in One

Instead of viewing a single calendar, try out merging all the ones you have in every account. You can do this by checking out the Organize tab. Afterward, you have to click the Overlay button. This will provide you the advantage of controlling the months, weeks, or days. If you do not prefer this type of viewing schedules, you may bring back the side-by-side view by clicking the Overlay button again.

Tip 11

Select an Entire Sentence Easily

You probably know how to choose a word or phrases by highlighting them. For instance, you can double-click the word. Otherwise, you may triple-click to cover the entire paragraph. In a view to learning another shortcut, you should try a different way. You have to keep pressing the Command button first.

While doing so, you have to click the sentence to highlight. Alternatively, you can cover one word or certain phrases only by pressing Option and Shift commands altogether.

Tip 13

Modify the Themes

Instead of complaining about the AutoCorrect failure on Office for Mac 2016, you should tame the feature. You can do this by modifying the list of the function. For instance, when you have misspelled a word, you have to right-click it. Choose AutoCorrect in the list of options. Afterward, you can already set the word to replace the misspelled one.

If ever you also want the program to provide you suggestions with long phrases, you may set it as well. Simply go to the Tools menu. Next, you have to choose AutoCorrect. Under the column labeled as Replace, you have to put the phrase you will input. As for the With Column, you have to set the phrase that will be shown.

Then, you just have to click the Add button. When you type the phrase under Replace column, the words under With Column will appear.