Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business License.

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business License.
Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop productivity applications

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Introduction: The easy way to complete tasks

Having a computer or a laptop is not the only requisite to ensure that you can carry out your designated tasks with ease. You need a good operating system for this purpose, one that can carry out your operations in a systematic, error free and efficient manner. While there are a number of operating systems available at the markets, the one that is really trusted and chosen by people is the Microsoft version.

Microsoft has launched its newest operating system, Office 2016, and the launch is marked with a number of changes, including appearance changes and upgrades to existing functions. With the new Microsoft office 2016, one can make easy use of various functions and operations to carry out numerous task.


Major elements of Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business License

The new Microsoft Office 2016 is the trend that is overtaking the information technology world by its wave. Replete with numerous features and functions, it promises to upgrade your existing operating system to a level where you will no longer feel the need for additional features. It completely fulfils all your computing needs in a jiffy. Like every new office version, the Microsoft Office 2016 brings with it, a host of new features and upgrades that fill the void between your computing needs.

What’s more! The Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business license is easily available through many online platforms, making it easier to purchase and install, as there are detailed instructions enlisted with it, regarding installation and running the operating system on your computer or laptop. Take a look at some of its extensive features:

  • Complete with office for Home and Business
  • With newer features and functions programmed into the operating system, users can expect saving in time, increased efficiency and productivity, with the use of this operating system. All the previous programs offered with the Office version are provided in this version as well, with certain additions, to aid in better productivity of users. A user gets the latest version of MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, MS Access and MS Outlook. Arranging contacts, calendars, appointments and emails has never been simpler. Cloud based systems also allow users to store data and access it from time to time, from any geographical location.
  • Newer templates
  • Designing and presenting data has never been simpler. With the Microsoft Office 2016, a user can make use of sophisticated and advanced templates that have been provided with Word and Excel, to make their ideas stand out and express them in professional terms that can be presented to the world. The Powerpoint application now has a wide screen display that transforms the way in which presentations were displayed earlier.
  • Stay organised
  • Get the most of coordination between home and work. Although this can be very challenging ordinarily, the new tools introduced with Microsoft Office 2016 make it an ever simple task to achieve. Users can utilise programs such as Outlook Mail, shared calendars, task list tools, and much more, to manage their home and work through the synergy of collaboration.
  • Share instantly
  • With the new option that allows saving files online, it becomes absolutely simpler for a user to access his stored files from any location and at any time. Moreover, the shared nature of these files allow a user to invite other users to join in and yield editing and sharing activities as well.
  • Easy purchase and installation
  • No technical jargon here. The Microsoft Office 2016 comes with an easy to use and install guide that helps a user navigate the, if’s and but’s and how’s of installing the new operating system on their computer or laptop. Moreover, one can easily purchase the operating system online from various vendors and platforms, without the need to actually go somewhere for the task. One can obtain a license for home or business Microsoft Office 2016, as per his wish.

Why buy the Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business license?

This newest version of operating system from Microsoft brings many changes and advances in the features that are ordinarily offered to a user in an operating system. With its advanced display options and cloud based system, a user can benefit in more than one ways, while operating his system. Read on to find out how Microsoft Office 2016 is a game changer:

  • Offers numerous core applications with the suite such as MS Word, MS excel, MS Powerpoint, Onenote and many more. All of these applications come with an advanced upgrade to their features.
  • Collaborate easily across home and office work stations with the Microsoft Office 2016 as it provides cloud based sharing and storage facility.
  • Take advantage of the OneDrive file system to carry your work anywhere and at any time you wish. No matter what your geographical location is, you can achieve anything that you desire.
  • Splurge with the new themes that suit your eye and vision. Enhance your reading and browsing experience with this new operating system.
  • Manage your mail drastically with the new Microsoft Office 2016 as you can access it more conveniently with the new Outlook features.
  • Used best for home and small business purposes as features have been designed and managed accordingly.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business License.

  • Processor - 1GHz and above with SSE2
  • Memory - 1GB (minimum), 2GB (recommended)
  • HDD - 3GB available space
  • OS - Windows 7 and above; Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and above

Refund Policy

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End-User License Agreement

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Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Business License.

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