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Microsoft Project Server 2019

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons
Microsoft Project Server 2019


MPN: 076-05795

Microsoft Project is the world's most popular project management software developed and sold by Microsoft


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$ 776 .99
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Microsoft Project Server 2019

Microsoft Project Server 2019

Brand: Microsoft

Works On:

* The installation requires a minimum installation configuration. See System Requirements Icons

$ 776 .99
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MPN: 076-05795

Microsoft Project is the world's most popular project management software developed and sold by Microsoft


Digital download, no hard copy will be shipped.

Microsoft Project Server 2019

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  • Microsoft Project Server 2019

    Microsoft Project Server 2019

    What is Microsoft Project Server 2019?

    Microsoft Project Server is a server for managing your projects, even if they’re large scale. The initial release on Windows was in 2000, under the name “Project Central”. The foundation for this software was Microsoft SharePoint, used for sharing and managing files between an organization.

    Microsoft Project is the perfect solution for teams who work with dynamic project environments and complex scenarios. Regardless of the size of your projects, Project Server 2019 will certainly improve your management and workflow. It supports the interface from Microsoft Project Professional edition, giving you familiar user experience. It works as a client application, but you can use it by web browser connection to the Project Web App (PWA) component. This Project Web App component extends the already existing capabilities of Microsoft Project. 

    Microsoft Project Server 2019 is suitable for those who prefer on-premises software over Cloud-based ones. It provides enhancements and updates to already existing features, but also adds a number of new things. Allow your company or organization to take advantage of modern Enterprise Project Management on local servers at an affordable cost.

    Microsoft Project Server keeps the information from your projects in a central SQL Server database, which is secure from unauthorized access or corruption. Only someone with Project Administrator rights can control access rights of users and manage security, which allows for great teamwork and management over projects.

    Why buy Microsoft Project Server 2019?

    Compared to its predecessor, Project Server 2016, the new and improved release sports many interesting and useful features to help you and your team manage a project. Take advantage of better resource management and data reporting features by purchasing Microsoft Project Server 2019.

    If you're still working with an earlier version of the software such as Microsoft Project Server 2013 or older, it's recommended to upgrade as soon as possible. Microsoft is ending both mainstream support and extended support for older versions of Project Server. The migration to Project Server 2019 gives you the advantages of using the new release to make it worth your time. Work with the latest release to get updated features and support from Microsoft.

    Project Server 2019 provides a clean look based on the graphical user interface of Project Professional 2019 itself, allowing for easy navigation and management. 

    The Project Center allows the members of your organization to report at the project level, while managers can see and edit project details. Project managers can also communicate plans and distribute tasks and assignments to team members. This structure allows for great teamwork and eliminates the possibility of unauthorized access to your data.

    When working on a task, members of a team can communicate status and changes, keeping the manager of a project up to date. Team Members can update the status of a task via the Project Web app and the My Tasks list, or use Time Sheet. Catering to larger scale projects and businesses, tasks, projects, and resources now have Enterprise Custom Fields defined. This feature is similar to the Custom Fields in the Microsoft Project desktop application.

    The Resource Center helps to analyze the data of resource workloads, allowing you to forecast future resource requirements while making more efficient use of your current resources. You can also take advantage of a new resource planning module with macro-level planning.

    By taking advantage of Project Server 2019’s easier viewing and management experience, you can definitely work faster and achieve better results with your projects. Achieve new levels of reliability and performance, simplify administration, protect communications and data by purchasing Project Server 2019 today.

  • Microsoft Project Server 2019 Features

    With the arrival of the new on-premises Project Server, customers can appreciate new potential advantages and in addition, receive a better and improved experience that’s worth investing in.

    Project Web App changes and improvements

    A couple of big changes have been made to the Project Web App that affects users. In addition to performance and accessibility improvements, several other changes were made to make the experience of both administrators and team members. This includes team task enhancements, timephased reporting data, and the option to receive email notifications.

    Get a cleaner view

    It’s important that you always get a clean, understandable view of your project. This allows you to gain critical insight, see where things are heading and plan your next move. The new, more manageable visual time plans include a begin and end date, which are now able to be arranged thanks to the added labels for multi-row timelines. 

    Improved reporting

    Project Server 2019 promises improved reporting settings which would serve to cut down on the volume of data that is to be transferred. All of this translates into faster and more accurate OData reports.

    Greater flexibility and customization

    Flexibility is a key aspect of project management. This is why Project Server 2019 features enhanced flexibility and more customization options to the design process.

    Faster searching with unique project IDs

    Thanks to the introduction of Individual Project IDs, users can enjoy faster and more accurate search results. Unique project IDs guarantee that users will spend less time waiting and reduces downtime from maintenance, especially if the larger database is being searched. This feature allows users to refer to a project independent of the project name, which might be modified later on as the project grows and changes.

    Automatically matched installation languages

    The base language of Project Server 2019 is automatically matched to your language, sparing you from having to select it and wait additional time for a language pack to install. Jump right into using and understanding your server by taking advantage of this quality of life feature.

    Note: There's one special case in which the base installation language doesn't match, which is the Thai language. As of the time of writing, individual language packs aren’t supported in Project Server 2019 to combat this.

    Alternate language packs

    At the time of writing, Microsoft doesn't support individual language packs for Project Server 2019. Instead, an alternate language is provided for all available languages in SharePoint Server 2019.

    For example, while Basque is not an available language, you're provided with the option to choose Spanish as an alternative. The following list contains all supported alternative languages:

    • • Basque → Spanish
    • • Catalan → Spanish
    • • Galician → Spanish
    • • Kazakh → Russian

    All other languages which aren’t natively supported automatically get changed to English. For more information on supported languages, please visit Microsoft’s Supported languages for Project Online page.

    Better long-term support

    Enhanced support from Microsoft ensures that Project Server 2019 promises better barrier freedom and greater optimization for the Project Web app even in the distant future. Mainstream support for both Project Server 2010 and Project Server 2013 has been expired for several years now, and Project Server 2016’s support will be cut in July 2021. Make the upgrade now and gain immediate access to long-term support from Microsoft.

    Expand your portfolio

    As Project Server 2019 is a powerful and efficient data management tool, you can now support a larger number of PM use cases at all times. Hence improving profitability and efficiency.

    More features to love

    • • Optimizations can achieve better performance in regards to database layers, new page loading processes and better scaling for web applications.
    • • Extended reporting settings diminish the data volumes to be exchanged and in this manner improve the performance of OData Reports.
    • • An expansion in the custom fields limitation presents extra adaptability and customization to the Project Server configuration process. 
    • • The Team Assignment Pool now offers another variant for self-assigning tasks. 
    • • The new Project version highlights expanded help for barrier freedom and upgraded access alternatives for the Project Web App.
    • • More flexible adaption alternatives for asset administration are upheld with an extended API. 
    • • Project administrators have the ability to configure options for the automatic email notification tool which can prove useful to daily users of Project Server.
    • • Using the Power BI Content Pack, significant dashboards and reports for improved resource and portfolio administration are now able to be arranged effortlessly. 
    • • Tasks from Project Professional can be connected with a Microsoft Planner schedule.
    • • Agile methods and standards can be acknowledged in Project Client utilizing two formats for Scrum and Kanban.

    Upgrading to Project Server 2019

    When deciding to upgrade to Project Server 2019, you should take note of the fact that an upgrade is only possible through Project Server 2016. This means that if you decide to upgrade from an earlier version of Project Server, you're required to upgrade to Project Server 2016 first in order to be able to utilize Project Server 2019.

    There is currently no direct route between Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2019. The upgrade process is through the use of PowerShell “cmdlets”. The SharePoint 2016 content database that holds your Project Web App site collection must be upgraded as well during this process. You can, however, migrate your Project Server 2016 Resource Plans to Resource Engagements in Project Server 2019.

    Explore a more detailed list of possible upgrade processes as well as the exact upgrade requirements by visiting Microsoft’s Upgrading to Project Server 2019 page.

  • System Requirements

    • OS Version: Windows 10, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, or Microsoft Windows Server 2012
    • Display: You need a 1280 x 800 monitor resolution
    • Graphics:Required DirectX 10.0 compatible graphics card
    • Hard Disk: 3 GB of hard drive space
    • Processor: 1.0 GHz minimum processing speed
    • Memory: Minimum memory of 1 GB for 32 bit, or 2 GB for 64 bit
    • Optional mouse or compatible device
  • 4.5 / 5.0


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