Microsoft Publisher 2016.

Microsoft Publisher 2016.
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Your Trusty Sidekick in Desktop Publishing

Microsoft Publisher is an impressive yet often overlooked app. Part of it is because it comes in a package with household names in productivity software, and another is due to Publisher’s striking resemblance to Microsoft Word in terms of functionality. While it’s true that the two apps are very similar, there are key differences in Publisher that will help you immensely if you focus on page layout and design, rather than composition or proofing. Microsoft Publisher 2016 is a wonderful desktop publishing app and definitely one of the strongest of its kind.

With Publisher 2016 you have all the variety in layout and design you want. You can create pamphlets, logos, brochures, tour books, even photo albums - the list goes on. Keep reading to get yourself familiar with the outstanding features that showcase this remarkable publishing app’s true potential - you will certainly be interested in using it by the end!


Microsoft Publisher 2016 is packed with templates and tools that will channel your creativity for results that will without a doubt catch people’s eyes. Don’t be fooled, however - everything is intuitive and the learning curve isn’t too steep, so even newcomers will make their way around Publisher 2016 easily. If there is one word to describe this excellent publishing app, it would be “simplicity”. This notion is observable in the vast array of features available:

  • Abundance of high-quality templates. The most important aspect of creative publishing material is the way it looks. Microsoft Publisher 2016 covers that for you with over 700 readily available templates for everything from brochures to marketing books. It’s not a case of quantity over quality either: all of the templates in Publisher 2016 are of superb quality with crisp, clean designs.
  • Your very own canvas. Who says the creative process has to be messy? Microsoft Publisher 2016 takes into account the experimenting you may need to do for the perfect result. You can drop all your pictures on a single canvas and effortlessly swap between them until you are satisfied. With Publisher you get all the leeway and none of the headache.
  • Get your online pictures quickly. Forget about saving pictures from your online albums to your computer or tablet. Microsoft Publisher 2016 allows you to add pictures from Facebook, Flickr and other sources instantly - no extra work required.
  • Mail merging efficiency. Particularly useful when you’re working on a document that needs numerous copies with identical structure but unique details, the mail merge tools in Microsoft Publisher 2016 offer you extra personalization in your files at no time cost. For example, you can make customized publications with notes or send greeting cards to a number of recipients.
  • Cross-application functionality. As part of the Office family, Publisher has excellent synergy with other Microsoft productivity apps. If you so choose, you can import your selected Excel tables or text from Word, all in a quick and clean fashion.
  • Share your work easily. All of your Publisher files are uploaded on your OneDrive. If you feel like working with a friend or colleague, you can invite them to help you out and share their input thanks to the collaboration features in the 2016 version.

Why You Should Use Microsoft Publisher 2016

You may be thinking, “the features here are all very similar to Word”. So why use Publisher 2016 if its bigger brother can do what it does? As mentioned earlier, there is a slight but important difference between the two apps. The relationship between Word and Publisher is very similar to the one between Excel and Access. Publisher’s essence is the same as Word’s, but the purpose is serves is much more specific. As such, it offers much more in that niche. There is no contest that Publisher 2016 shines when it comes to publishing materials. Here’s why:

  • Jump-start your projects. Thanks to the amazing choice of high-quality templates, Microsoft Publisher 2016 always provides the foundation you need for your projects and allows you to personalize it with ease. There is little room for error - you won’t find multiple ugly variants of the same template for the sake of numbers.
  • The perfect balance between creativity and business. Whether you’re looking for a clean minimalistic layout or you feel like letting your imagination take the wheel, Microsoft Publisher 2016 will satisfy your needs and then some. The palette of effects and styles can provide you with whatever you’re looking for, from simplistic and polished flyers to newsletters that will surely grab your audience’s attention.
  • A solid choice for newcomers. Even if you aren’t a professional, you will love Microsoft Publisher 2016. You can find a suitable template for any idea you may have, and the ease of use is an added bonus, especially if you’ve used other Office apps in the past.
  • Compact and practical. With Microsoft Publisher 2016 you can do so many things, all in a tight and organized space. You save screen real estate and you can get everything you want without ever having to switch windows and, consequently, distracting yourself. This efficient productivity app gives you many options without any clutter involved, making it the ideal choice for those of you who like to keep their work in order and close at hand.

System Requirements

  • Processor - 1GHz and above with SSE2
  • Memory - 1GB (minimum), 2GB (recommended)
  • Graphics - DirectX 10-compatible graphics card
  • HDD - 3GB available space
  • OS - Windows 7 and above; Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and above
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Microsoft Publisher 2016.

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