Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard - License

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard - License

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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard - License

Your business wants to find the best solutions before the competition, and to do that, you need to get your workers collaborating. Collaboration takes more than just sitting in a meeting room, though. You need the most advanced tools that allow people to share their thoughts, insights, data, and documents so your solutions can maximize the talent potential in your office.
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard offers you all the tools and features you need to get your office collaborating on levels far beyond your competition. With improved streamlining, your office won’t just be more productive, it’ll be more efficient.

What Is a SharePoint Server?

The SharePoint Server provides solutions for business collaboration needs that go beyond the basic SharePoint uses found in some Office 365 suites. Its programs are designed to allow for file and data sharing through a number of methods which increase teamwork efficiency while taking advantage of the strengths of all team members.
The SharePoint Server can be accessed remotely from any licensed device (including mobile devices, as will be discussed below), and so it allows for collaboration to extend beyond the office.

Versions of SharePoint

The SharePoint Server comes in three different editions: online, standard, and enterprise. The online version comes with many Office 365 suites and includes basic file sharing capabilities. Standard includes a large number of features that provide more advanced sharing and communication. It is designed to meet most business needs. Enterprise includes all of Standard’s features, plus more business intelligence.


Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard Features

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard focuses on making all its features simpler, easier to use, and more convenient. Whether it is the overall navigation of the SharePoint Server system, OneDrive, document libraries, or site sharing, the system has been made more intuitive, so that features can be accessed quicker, and collaboration can be pursued more efficiently.

Navigation and control streamlining—The SharePoint Server is full of useful tools, but to take full advantage, you need to be able to access those tools and to access them quickly. The 2016 edition made its primary focus streamlining the entire server experience, and that starts with overall server navigation.
To begin with, the server now includes an app launcher that allows for quick movement across the server by simply clicking an icon in the launcher. Users can go from apps, to sites, to files with a single click.
More will be discussed about them below, but here, it is worth mentioning the improvements made to OneDrive and document library controls. Both now come with the ability to create or upload folders, to upload new files, to sync devices to the server before disconnecting, and to share with others on the server, all right at the top of the window.
A finally flourish in the server allows users to pin favorite sites. Instead of having to scroll through sites you’re following to find that favorite, pinning it allows it to show up right at the top of the list every time, saving you that extra time and allowing you to get the information you need right away.

OneDrive overhaul—OneDrive gets more than just improvements in its toolbar, it also gets a general overhaul so that it looks and functions like its more familiar cousin found in some Office 365 suites.
OneDrive also has new view features. In one, you can simply see what people have been sharing and what files have been shared recently on OneDrive, allowing you to get a general picture of what is happening. In another, called Shared with me, you can only see what files have been shared with you, which can be helpful in removing clutter on the OneDrive that isn’t relevant to your immediate needs.
Images and video are easier to preview than before, allowing you to do so without even clicking. Finally, there’s a new recycle bin that can be lifesaving in the event of an accidental deletion from the drive.

Document library facelift—Just like OneDrive, document library also got a makeover. Not only does it have convenient toolbar options, it also now has new keyboard shortcuts that allows users to run commands without needing to click on anything. New right-click abilities also make it easier to achieve your goals in document library. A right-click now produces the most useful commands, including Download, Open, Share, Rename, Delete, and more.
Uploading is easier than in previous edition thanks to an improved drag and drop, as well as a new ability to upload multiple documents at once.
Like in OneDrive, video and images can be previewed just by hovering over them. And, finally, documents can be saved in the ODF format (Open Document Format) that allows users to edit them in different programs.

Improved mobile browser experience—Increasingly, mobile devices are our primary remote work devices, and SharePoint Server 2016 Standard recognizes the need to make the experience easy. Mobile users can now experience the SharePoint Server with the same experience as on any other device. Users can choose between a mobile view and a full web view, which replicates the exact view of the server from a desktop computer. Touchscreen capabilities are included.

Expanded site sharing abilities—Like most other programs on the SharePoint Server 2016, new toolbar buttons make it easier to share sites. A Share button is included in the top right corner of every site. It’s as easy as clicking, and users you share with will receive an email with a link to the site.
SharePoint Server 2016 also makes it easier to double-check who can access what by simply following a couple links in the Settings menu.
Finally, the server makes it easier to gain sharing abilities by providing a flow for requests and a quick approve or reject email to administrators.

Larger and more diverse document saving options—Files can now be up to 10 GB in size, and they can be saved with more symbols, including “&” and “~”.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard - License

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard System Requirements

In order for your machine to run your Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 efficiently, your system will require at least the following hardware:

  • Processor: 64-bit, 4 core processor
  • RAM: Between 16 and 24 GB, depending on server type
  • Available Disk Space: 80 GB for one drive, 100 GB for a second drive

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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016 Standard - License

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