Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition (1 Processor) Retail Box 

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition (1 Processor) Retail Box 

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition (1 Processor) Retail Box

Finding a server that can handle all the database solutions your business needs while not costing too much and not requiring too much technical knowledge or administrative work can be tricky. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition manages to get the balance right for small businesses looking for powerful database features that are combined with easy-to-use administration and user ability.

What Is Microsoft SQL Server?

The Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system that provides the ability to store, organize, analyze, and report on data. The server provides a secure space that is reliable and scalable to provide for maximum usability. It includes a number of services, including: replication, notification, integration, analysis, and reporting.
These services make it possible to do far more than just straightforward, simple database analysis. With Microsoft SQL Server, you are capable of producing incredible, unique business intelligence insights that can easily be shared across the server.
With the Microsoft SQL Server, you have the ability to increase production, secure data, and discover new insights.

What Is the Workgroup Edition?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 comes in a number of editions designed to meet the exact needs of any business. There are advanced versions, such as Enterprise that include many powerful business intelligence features not found elsewhere. The Standard edition is meant to satisfy the needs of most businesses.
Workgroup is slimmed down to meet the needs of smaller businesses and departments with a far lower price. It is the easiest version of the SQL Server to use, but it does not include some of the more advanced features found in Standard or Enterprise.
The Workgroup Server comes with 5 CALs, which allow for five users or devices to access the server.


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 WorkGroup Edition Features

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 WorkGroup Edition provides improvements in four key areas: database management, availability, scalability, and security. Enhancements in those areas create a more efficient, more powerful server capable of providing even better database analysis and reporting.

Easier to manage than previous editions—When a user or administrator hears about a new SQL server, the first word they want to hear it “easier.” Servers can be complex to navigate or to run, but Microsoft SQL Server 2005 improves management across the board for a smoother, and yes easier, experience.

  • SQL Server Management Studio gives administrators a single management console to work with. From the Management Studio, you can monitor and manage not only the SSQL Server relational database, but everything from SQL Mobile to Integration, Analysis, Reporting and other services.
  • Better database monitoring allows administrators to see more of what the server is doing. Opening up more than 70 internal database activities means there’s greater visibility into the server that helps better diagnose its health.
  • SQL Management Objects (SMOs) bring increased functionality to the server. These programming objects allow for greater administrative automation, freeing up administrative hands to do more.

Availability improvements—Improving high availability functions on a server obviously improves the server’s overall performance. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 makes a number of major upgrades in this area that make sure all critical server systems are constantly accessible. Unfortunately, not all of these features appear in the WorkGroup edition.

  • Dedicated Administrator Connection, however, is included. This allows for the administrators to access the server even when it is otherwise non-responsive. You can then run diagnostics and troubleshoot to bring the server back online.

Scalability—With scalability improvements, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, you can build and deploy more powerful, and therefore more demanding, applications.

  • Snapshot Isolation helps users keep up with changes in data that might now be immediately accessible in an analysis-oriented database. Using Snapshot Isolation, users can access all the latest changes to get a consistent view of the database.
  • Replication Monitor is an easy-to-use interface that helps with the management of complex replication operations.

Security—Microsoft SQL Server 2005 really shines in the security improvements. A number of major upgrades and enhancements make your data safer than ever, all while providing you with more control.

Authorization becomes easier to manage permissions while also still providing all previous gradual level permissions can be maintained.

Authentication expands in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to include Kerberos to provide more security for both the server and the client. As an administrator, you can also set policies on logins that are similar to Microsoft Windows, creating a consistent login policy across all accounts.

Native Encryption spreads encryption abilities across and throughout the server. Client/server communications are encrypted by default, and the server will not accept unencrypted communications. But that isn’t the limit of encryption on Microsoft SQL Server 2005. It also includes encryption within the database, which is integrated with key management.

Other improvements—While the major changes to the server come in the management, availability, scalability, and security areas, there are a number of other upgrades and features worthy of notice. A few of them include:

  • Report Builder provides for an easy-to-use means of reporting analysis. Analysis isn’t worth much if it can’t be shared, and now, all users can be walked through the reporting process with Report Builder, which uses familiar programs like Excel and PowerPoint as the basis for the reports.
  • SQL Server Mobile 3.0 lets you develop databases on your mobile device and manipulate databases either on your device or on your desktop. You can also code to synchronize data when the main app is open.
  • XML advances make it possible to get more out of XML script. The database allows for flexible use of XML and relational data and includes XQuery, which lets you query all XML data.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition (1 Processor) Retail Box 

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 WorkGroup Edition System Requirements

In order to run Microsoft SQL Server 2005 WorkGroup Edition on your system, you will need:

  • Processor: 500 MHz minimum; 1 GHz recommended
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum; 1 GB or more recommended
  • Available disk space: 350 MB for server system; 390 MB for sample databases
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional; Windows XP Professional; Windows XP Media Edition; Windows XP Tablet Edition

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Workgroup Edition (1 Processor) Retail Box 

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