Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise.

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A Testament to Change

When talking about IDEs (integrated development environments), Visual Studio is a pioneer. Microsoft have used the gathered experience over the decades wisely, showing their awareness of and adaptability to the rapid changes in today’s dev climate with their Visual Studio 2015. With this iteration of the world-famous IDE, the focus is on providing exceptional new tools for you and your development team, all encased in a familiar, easy to navigate interface.

The Enterprise edition of Visual Studio 2015 comes with a variety of additions in functionality, as well as numerous benefits related to higher learning in development and programming. Keep reading to find out about all the extras and their advantages, which sum up to make Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise the IDE of choice for many.


Features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise

A smooth, seamless and fluid experience is paramount when dealing with the voluminous and complex data you encounter in coding. Visual Studio 2015 capitalizes on delivering that sought after experience with new preview menus, cross-platform mobile apps and, most importantly, greatly improved architecture, diagnostics and testing tools. Take a look at what’s new:

  • Debugging made easy with Intellitrace. One of the biggest (and most frustrating) challenges in development is fixing an error that is difficult to reproduce. Instead of doing it manually by setting breakpoints, experimenting with different methods and sifting through the code line by line, Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise offers you a quick and efficient solution with Intellitrace, featuring the valuable Debug mode. Intellitrace is always on - think of it like your session recorder that will always be up to speed with your process and ready to highlight pesky bugs.
  • Complete code coverage. Before you set out to polish your source code, you need to make sure it’s thoroughly analyzed and fully covered. With Visual Studio 2015’s brand-new IntelliTest capabilities, you save significant amounts of time and effort in writing unit tests. You can add unit tests to code that doesn’t have any; furthermore, creating unit tests for new code is easy and organized, allowing you to override object creation, allow exceptions and much, much more. Of course, you still need to put in some work, but the core tests are taken care of, giving you valuable resources to focus on the specifics.
  • Two types of architecture tools. The Enterprise edition of Visual Studio 2015 includes a plethora of architecture tools, divided in two main categories. The UML tools can be both forward- and reverse-engineered, and deal with a range of diagram types, such as Class, Sequence, Activity and others. By contrast, the non-UML tools are Code Maps and Layer Diagrams, which are fundamentally intertwined with the underlying source code. They offer a visualization of your code, allowing you to understand the relationships between different aspects, which makes these tools particularly helpful if you are new to a project or working on codes you aren’t very familiar with.
  • The complete release and testing package. With Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise you get every single available feature related to release management and testing tools. You can create and edit release definitions, define environments and deployment steps, and you gain access to all five testing mechanisms - test case management, manual testing, exploratory testing, automated functional testing and load and performance testing. The last two are exclusive to the Enterprise edition, offering you incredible flexibility in creating automated tests recorded as code, as well as creating benchmark scenarios.
  • Apps for all mobile platforms. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise showcases its versatility with its cross-platform mobile device support. You can now build applications for all major mobile platforms, including Windows 10, Windows Phone, Android and iOS, among others. In most cases this support comes with extra handy tools, such as an Android emulator. In short, Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise gives you amazing flexibility in app building.

Why Choose Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise?

Microsoft offers you the most complete IDE software on the market with its Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise edition. This is no surprise, as the Enterprise edition was formerly called Ultimate - it certainly delivers in that aspect. The pinnacle of functionality, Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise is the perfect choice for developers who are looking to get the most out of their IDE. This is achieved not only by the built-in features, but by the extra opportunities the Enterprise edition provides in getting better at your craft. Here are the main reasons that make this excellent product stand out:

  • It gives you everything you need. The development process is complicated and involves a multitude of important steps that heavily depend on each other. Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise has the right tool for every job, be it unit tests, architecture, debugging, or even advanced automated tests and benchmarks. This makes it perfect if you’re involved in multiple layers of a development project.
  • You can have multiple accounts. If you often find yourself working on several tasks or have a pet project you want to keep separate, you will love Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise. You can have a different account for work and home, or you can use them for various specific purposes. Or maybe a bunch of developers are working on the same machine - regardless of the scenario, you needs are catered to.
  • It saves you time and effort. It goes without saying that development is a time-consuming endeavor. Therefore, the more shortcuts and time-saving features you have available, the better. One of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015’s greatest strengths is the remarkable level of automation that is introduced in the basic processes. Furthermore, the added functionality in debugging thanks to Intellitrace is extremely valuable in every single one of your projects - we all know a code without errors is an impossible dream, but fast fixes are now an attainable one.
  • It offers you an avenue to improve. Perhaps one of Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise’s most precious benefits comes in the advantages you get from MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network). You can use more Azure features for free each month, you can use impressive partner products and you gain access to a higher number of Pluralsight and MIcrosoft e-learning courses. Development is getting better on a daily basis, and with the Enterprise edition of Visual Studio 2015 you have all the available tools to keep up with the times and become a master dev.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise.

System Requirements

  • Processor - 1.6 GHz or higher
  • Memory - 1GB; 1.5GB on a virtual machine
  • Graphics - DirectX 9-capable video card (1024x768 or higher resolution)
  • HDD - at least 10GB of available space; 5400 RPM

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Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise.

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