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How SoftwareKeep Simplifies Microsoft Office 365
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Our Migration Process
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First Contact
1 Our MIDAS team contacts you to determine your needs and develop a custom migration strategy. A dedicated migration agent will be assigned to your account as the main contact for the whole migration process.
SoftwareKeep will analyze your current environment and advise you of any problems. They will also prepare your Office 365 subscription by recreating your users and prowp-content to help you get ready. Then, we’ll set the migration date.
SoftwareKeep will start migrating your data. On your migration day, the email service is rerouted to SoftwareKeep’s Office 365 subscription. Our migration specialist keeps you posted every step of the way.
Local Setup
We’ll help you set up the new email service on local desktops, including the end-user configuration of email clients, such as Outlook. We also ensure your mobile devices are configured properly.
Two business days following the migration, our migration specialist will contact you to ensure that the process went smoothly and you have no outstanding issues or concerns.
Once the migration is completed, we’ll introduce you to our onboarding team. Their goal is to walk you through the nuts and bolts of Office 365 to make sure you get off on the right foot.
What we Migrate
User Prowp-content
No need to recreate your Active Directory.
All email and data from virtually all email platforms.
From SharePoint to shared folders. Feeds may apply.
Office 365
Transfer office 365 tenants from one provider to another.

No. Our migration team is used to dealing with all kinds of email platforms and is aware of the methods and tools required for specific systems. If you have customizations that might cause problems, be assured that we will identify these issues and point them out during the pre-migration process. We guarantee “no loss of email” during each migration process.

It takes an average of 1 or 2 days for SoftwareKeep’s migration team to migrate clients of any size to Office 365. If we add the client’s general preparation time, the entire migration could take as long as 7 days. You set the pace and the time.

The migration process is designed to ensure that the heavy lifting is done by SoftwareKeep. You will have some small tasks to do during the migration, but you will be helped by your dedicated migration expert. We’ve also created easy, step-by-step guides to ensure the migration runs smoothly and is an easy transition for your organization.

Your migration case is not closed until you say so. Your dedicated migration expert will stay in contact with you until you are fully satisfied with your experience and your organization is up and running with Office 365. This is what we call the SoftwareKeep difference!

Let SoftwareKeep simplifies your life
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