Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard (for Pc Only).

Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard (for Pc Only).
Microsoft Visio is a diagramming and vector graphics application and is part of the Microsoft Office family
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For a Different Type of Artist

Information graphics are a substantial part of the world we live in today. They are ubiquitous - from signs you see on the streets and in buildings, to elaborate business reports. Infographics are also an inseparable part of any modern working environment - this is the domain of Microsoft’s Visio application. Who said work was a chore? With Visio, you shape volumes of information into easily digested flowcharts, diagrams and presentations in a practical, yet uninhibited manner that gives you all the artistic freedom you need.

With the Standard edition of Microsoft Visio 2016, you can opt for purchasing a fully standalone version for your PC, taking advantage of the exclusive features and benefits this outstanding diagramming application has to offer. Find out more about them below!


Key Features and Improvements in Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard

Visio 2016’s Standard edition is the baseline variant of the three that are available. As such, it provides an excellent package of features and opportunities, without touching on extremely advanced tools that serve very specific purposes. The main goal of Visio 2016 Standard is to offer a remarkable application for your PC, free of any over-complications or frills - and it is equipped accordingly. Check out the most significant features and improvements:

  • Do more with shapes. Undoubtedly, the choice in shapes is one of the deciding factors when it comes to diagramming software. They are the means of transforming walls of text into simple, accurate and contextual summaries that get your point across perfectly. In Visio 2016 Standard, you definitely aren’t going to scramble for options. Text can now be entered directly inside the shapes in your document, and replacement is done instantly instead of involving deletion of components. Furthermore, improvements to the canvas and the overall functionality of elements make it possible to have more completely new multi-page and multi-layer diagrams that contain all the required information.
  • Unlimited variety in arrangement. Of course, in order to communicate relationships and dependencies effectively, your shapes need to be organized in a certain order - otherwise, they are simply pretty graphics with little substance. Visio 2016 standard passes this step of the process with flying colors. You can now “junction jog” - this newly available feature allows you to create separate components, or “bumps”, when it crosses another line. Furthermore, you can add as many connector points as you like, even after finishing the diagram or flowchart. As far as last-minute touch-ups go, worry not: elements can be resized either manually or automatically to better fit the text.
  • Substance and style. Speaking of colors, you have a virtually limitless supply of them with Visio 2016 Standard - and not only that. The ClipArt gallery now offers an enormous selection of symbols, shapes and decorative objects that can assume not just the colors you desire, but also fills and styles. If you are having a hard time coming up with your own design from scratch, Visio is here to help with hundreds of readily available templates. They are suitable for a wide array of office and home purposes, and you won’t find any duplicates: each and every template has a separate theme and different colors.
  • Connect and protect. Excel is often used as a source of data for your Visio documents. Microsoft acknowledges and improves on that with the diagramming app’s latest version, implementing one-step connectivity to the signature spreadsheet software. In addition, your Visio files are now completely secure with IRM (information rights management) protection.
  • Real-time collaboration. With Visio 2016 Standard you can enjoy working on your diagram, flowchart or presentation with your team, in real-time and with live editing. This type of work is in many cases a group effort, and with the new Visio you can engage in it without resorting to third-party software or time-consuming processes - everything is done within the app, and stays there.

These are just some of the most important features that make Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard such an appealing option. We won’t spoil it for you, but rest assured there are plenty more pleasant surprises in this excellent diagramming software.

Why Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard Is a Must-Have for Your PC

There are several main reasons as to why you should purchase the 2016 version of Microsoft Visio. This diagramming application’s primary strength doesn’t lie in any one feature or innovative element, however. Rather, it’s the combination of every aspect that makes Visio 2016 Standard such a well-oiled machine. The philosophy behind Microsoft Office products has always consisted of a focus on extensive functionality and unmatched performance, without any sacrifice in accessibility and intuitiveness. This leads to some unique advantages:

  • Visio 2016 Standard can be used by anyone. Diagramming software requires a certain degree of proficiency and experience - or at least that’s what they say. Visio 2016 Standard breaks this stereotype by offering itself to whomever wishes to use it. That is to say, you can be a seasoned professional or an enthusiast who’s just making their first steps in creating diagrams or flowcharts. Visio 2016’s intuitive interface and emphasis on ease of use ensures you don’t spend any time in confusion, while its variety of templates, tools and formatting options ensure you can do whatever you envision within your document, without limits.
  • It is the best at what it does. While avoiding absolute claims is recommended for anything in life, there is no denying the fact that Visio 2016 Standard offers a unique advantage - it allows you to create excellent infographics with minimal prior experience. There simply is no competing product that possesses the same levels of simplicity and fluidity. Of course, the Standard edition of Visio 2016 isn’t perfect - for example, it’s not the most suitable option for you if you’re looking for highly advanced tools and features. But then again, it doesn’t claim that. What it does claim is the pinnacle of accessible and easy to navigate diagramming, without any hassles or headaches involved.
  • It helps you improve. Attention to the user and helpful tools are the hallmarks of a good application. If you are motivated to get better at diagramming, Visio 2016 Standard provides precious assistance with step-by-step tutorials for each of the software’s important aspects, including every template available. This comprehensive resource will not only allow you to become a master of Visio, but it will hone your skills with valuable tips and tricks that you can add to your repertoire for even better results.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard (for Pc Only).

  • Processor - 1GHz and above with SSE2
  • Memory - 1GB (minimum), 2GB (recommended)
  • Graphics - DirectX 10-compatible graphics card
  • HDD - 3GB available space
  • OS - Windows 7 and above; Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and above

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Microsoft Visio 2016 Standard (for Pc Only).

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