Microsoft Powerpoint 2016.

Microsoft Powerpoint 2016.
Microsoft PowerPoint is a software to create slide shows that can be used to present information in an office setting or even as a school project
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Express Yourself

Creativity. Choice. Artistic expression. These are the pillars of a great presentation. However, they are often afterthoughts in presentation apps. Sure, you get decent variety from nearly all tools out there that help you with your slideshows. But how much is enough when your goal is to create a stunning presentation without overcomplicating the whole process and losing yourself in it? PowerPoint 2016 answers that question by offering the most abundant package of effects, designs, visual aids and impressive interface features. What’s more, it does that without sacrificing the signature characteristics that contributed to its immense popularity - simplicity and efficiency in the creation process.

The essence of PowerPoint has always been a focus on tradition and ease of use, but constant innovation in the presentation tools themselves. The 2016 version of this world-famous presentation app supports that objective in all aspects, making it the ultimate in presentation software and a must-have for the presenter who seeks quality and practicality. Not convinced yet? Allow us to show you why.


What’s New in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Windows?

PowerPoint 2016 is chock-full of the latest features for all kinds of presentations. It doesn’t matter if you use a minimalistic approach or have a knack for dazzling effects and transitions - with PowerPoint 2016 you choose when to stop. What’s important is that this presentation juggernaut won’t set a limit to how creative you want to get with your slides. The options are there for you to take full advantage of, ranging from live collaboration and helpful presenter tools to limitless designs, high customization and smooth, quick previews of your suggested changes.

Here is an in-depth list of all the essential features that make Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 the best presentation app:

  • Exceptional collaboration options. Starting with the creation process, one of the paramount features in PowerPoint 2016 is the clean, synchronized collaborative editing. It makes feedback easy and accessible, allowing two or more users to simultaneously work on the presentation. Everyone needs advice here and there: now you can have live chats and keep a list of selected notes, taking teamwork to the next level of efficiency. The live collaboration in PowerPoint 2016 provides you and your team with the precious input required for an outstanding end result.
  • Smart design suggestions. Another feature that makes PowerPoint 2016 an amazing choice is the integration of ideas for your presentation’s layout. Designing your slides in the best way is a huge part of your presentation’s success. However, it also takes a significant amount of time and many revisions until you reach the perfect combination between style and substance. PowerPoint 2016 makes life easier for you by providing contextual suggestions based on the content you add to slides. It analyzes the various elements - fonts, headings and images, among others - and offers advice on how to make your presentation even more attractive.
  • Presenter tools for higher productivity. PowerPoint 2016 is not only the app that puts your presentation ideas to life, but your faithful assistant in the presenting process as well. The Presenter View, for example, allows you to look at your notes on the computer screen during the presentation itself. Furthermore, PowerPoint helps you gauge your performance by being able to track the time you spend talking about individual slides and the overall presentation. Lastly, PowerPoint 2016 offers you lightning-fast online transfers of your work, eliminating the need for screen-sharing or Web conferencing if the situation is unsuitable.
  • Access on multiple platforms. As expected, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 doesn’t confine you to your desktop in order to work on your important presentations. Whether it’s your Windows PC workstation, your tablet/smartphone, or even the Internet, the 2016 version of the iconic presentation app is designed for optimal use no matter the device. You never know when creativity might hit you, but you do know that when it does, PowerPoint will be available to you.

Why You Should Purchase Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 for Windows

While it’s true that today the majority of PowerPoint users acquire the app as part of the Office 365 subscription, the standalone version of this presentation powerhouse has its own merits. Say your interest lies solely in PowerPoint, and you have little use for the other excellent apps in an Office suite. In that case, you can simply purchase PowerPoint 2016 separately - nothing more, nothing less. Here’s why the app itself is the perfect choice for all your presentation needs:

  • Leadership in features. There isn’t a presentation app on the market that is as versatile and comprehensive as PowerPoint 2016. The impressive combination of quality-of-life upgrades and extensive capabilities make PowerPoint a strong contender, if not the strongest, when it comes to creating, editing and polishing your perfect slideshows.
  • Perfect for the presentation virtuoso. Whether it’s breathtaking designs tailored to your personal style, or visual effects that will keep your audience engaged at all times, PowerPoint lets you unleash your creativity to no end. You are guaranteed to find the tiniest of details that will set your presentations apart from the rest in this resourceful application.
  • You are your own boss. Some may say that the abundance of “bells and whistles” in PowerPoint 2016 can be considered a disadvantage for the type of presenter who works under the “less is more” mantra. In reality, PowerPoint’s goal is to remove the boundaries between app and presenter, giving you unlimited potential to reach your presenting goals, no matter how ambitious they might be. With PowerPoint, you’ll never find yourself in a situation where you’re limited in your action. The sky’s the limit with this app - the rest is up to you, as it should be.
  • PowerPoint helps you improve. Last but certainly not least, this signature Microsoft app isn’t just the means by which your ideas take shape. The way your slides look and feel is just half the job - how you present them is equally as important. PowerPoint 2016 assists you in honing your skills and becoming a master presenter - something unheard of in presentation apps until now.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Powerpoint 2016.

  • Processor - 1GHz and above with SSE2
  • Memory - 1GB (minimum), 2GB (recommended)
  • Graphics - DirectX 10-compatible graphics card
  • HDD - 3GB available space
  • OS - Windows 7 and above; Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and above

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Microsoft Powerpoint 2016.

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