Password Protect A Word Document

There are many people, some of whom, who refuse to leave their laptops unattended -- thus allowing even some of their closest friends to check their email as a "guest user" only. Then again, for some of us - they may not have any problem asking a stranger to keep an eye on their computer while they go and hit the bathroom at their favorite coffee shop. No matter where you land in the conscious security spectrum, the odds are that you've got at least one Microsoft Office file you may want to keep as private as possible. This can be because it is for academic research, or for your company's intellectual property, or maybe even an angry letter to your parents you never wanted to send.

  • Steps To Password Protect Your Document Here's what to do to quickly and effectively password protect your documents.

    Follow these steps below:
  • Install Fonts for All Accounts to Use If you want your new fonts to be available to anyone else who may use your computer, drag them to the Library/Fonts folder, this Library folder is located on your Mac’s startup drive. By double-clicking the startup drive icon on your desktop, you can have access to the Library folder. Once inside the Library folder, you can now drag your new fonts to the Fonts folder. You will need to supply an administrator password to make changes to the Fonts folder.
  • Installing Fonts for All Network UsersIf you want your new fonts to be available to anyone else who may use your computer, drag them to the Network/Library/Fonts folder.
  • STEP #1: Go to the Word menu, and then click on Preferences
  • STEP #2: You will see three settings under preferences: Authoring along with Proofing, Output along with Sharing, and Personal Settings. Under personal settings, click on Security.
  • STEP #3: Password to Open means that nobody (aside from you) can as so much as open a document unless they have entered the correct password.
  • STEP #4: Password to Modify will allow you to set a password so that you can modify a document--this is so people can open as well as view the document in read-only mode, but they can't make any edits or changes unless they have entered the correct password.
  • STEP #5: To change a password, click on Preferences, scroll down to Personal Settings, and click on Security, and enter the new password.
  • STEP #6: Two additional lesser-known features include the option to remove any personally identifiable information, as well as give you a warning before printing, saving, or sending a file that may contain tracked changes or tracked comments, so that you won't accidentally share that information with people you may not want to.
  • STEP #7: Make sure that your hard drive is also encrypted by following the instructions on Encrypting Your Laptop As You Mean It.
  • BONUS:Be aware that there are many more robust solutions for password protecting that can be placed and found in folders, such as the Veracrypt for Mac, Windows, and Linux. PGP users can even encrypt a file with a password using OpenPGP.

Brief Description Of Microsoft Word

  • Microsoft Word (MS) documents is a renown and widely used software that has become very beneficial to students, writers, journalist, and overall to anyone who must write in general. MS documents store vital information for users and many times these files will carry sensitive information -- as such they will require that they are protected. For these specific situations, MS Word itself provides a brilliant opportunity for users to lock as well as unlock the word files so that the data cannot be altered or misused by any unauthorized users. Due to the high level of security MS Word is also a software that is very popular amongst Apple users as well.

Benefits of Microsoft Word

  • Put your best words forward:With Word, you will be able to write with confidence -- having great informed that your work will be the best due to the smart technology designed in Words to help with your spelling, grammar, and even stylistic writing suggestions. With tools at your fingertips, you can quickly go from pen to paper and to digital effortlessly.
  • Stay in the flow:You can get all the information you will need as you write and do so -- without ever having to leave Word, whether it’s a teammate’s PowerPoint slide, cited research, or reports from your LinkedIn to help you craft a compelling and eye-catching resume or article.
  • Work better together: It It will not matter wherever you are -- you will be able to collaborate in real time. You will also be able to share all your work and documents with just the click of a button. Inviting others (friends, teammates, etc.) to edit in realtime or to add comments to a task is also feasible. Lastly, no matter your preferred full language (if you are working in a multi-verbal group) or accessibility options -- everyone on your team will still be able to work together to do more.
  • Collaborate on shared projects:Easily one of the hallmarks. The Office Online combines the more commonly used Office features as well as the real-time co-authoring capabilities.
  • Jumpstart your documents:You will be able to show your professionalism with Word templates in over 40 categories, as well as save so much more time.
  • Connect with experts:If you are having any difficulties you can see what’s new by getting tips along with tricks to help you create, edit, and finally polish documents just like a pro.

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