‘Oil Change’ for Your Computer

Just like your car’s engine needs timely oil change, your computer needs regular tune-ups too. You will notice great improvements in the performance of your computer after you have us perform our fast and convenient service on it. We’ll thoroughly check both the software and hardware of your computer to ensure optimal performance. We will make your computer run faster, operate more reliably and we’ll also inform you of any issues we find in your device.

Why PC Tune-Up Is Important

it is important to have your computer undergo regular maintenance because this extends its life and ensures that it performs well. You spent money in acquiring your computer, so it only makes sense to get the most out of it while making sure that it will last.

You may notice after some time that your computer has started to perform much more slowly than when you got it. This may be because your computer has accumulated unneeded drivers and software and temporary files that impede your device’s performance. This is when you need to give your computer a tune-up.

Manual Cleaning

We perform manual cleaning of your computer, not automated. Our experts use specialized tools in performing a maintenance, going through areas of your computer such as registry, startup and temporary files.

Cleaning and Protecting

Malware, adware and bloatware could run and go unnoticed as your computer operates, causing it to become slow. When we do a tune-up, we also protect computers from these pieces of malicious software.

Using Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware and Ad Blocking

We use a variety of the best anti-virus, anti-malware and ad blocking software to make sure all areas of your computer’s health are covered when we perform a tune-up.

100% US-Based and Proud of It

Based in Washington State, our company will never outsource its services. Give us a call, and you’re sure to talk to someone both friendly and knowledgeable.

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Computer Tune-Up

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