Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation.
Microsoft Windows Server is a server operating system designed to more efficiently handling corporate networking, Internet/intranet hosting, databases, enterprise-scale messaging and similar functions
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A Solid Core Server for Small Business

A good server platform is a vital component of every small-scale business organization. The size may not demand advanced functionality or cutting-edge solutions to obstacles that arise in larger operations - nevertheless, the importance of a stable, secure and high-performance network is just as pronounced. This is where the Foundation edition of Windows Server 2012 makes an appearance - equipped with a core of tools that will see to it that every server-related need you have is met to the fullest extent.

Foundation 2012 is both similar and different to its cousin in small business server operating systems - the Essentials edition. The two share a functional environment but the approach each of them takes has many points of divergence. By reading this article you will find out more about what sets Foundation 2012 apart from the competition, in terms of both features and unique advantages.


Only the Necessary - Features in Windows Server 2012 Foundation

Contrary to Essentials 2012, the Foundation edition doesn’t possess the focus on wider accessibility. While it offers more than enough tools and features for a small business environment, it also requires some degree of expertise in the IT field in order to be utilized to its full potential. Here is what Foundation 2012 brings to the table:

  • Excellent functionality for small-scale organizations. Despite its single physical processor limit, the Foundation edition of Windows Server 2012 can be run by up to 15 users, making it perfect for your startup or otherwise small business. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about client access licenses - there isn’t a requirement for separate ones in Foundation 2012.
  • Familiar admin tools. Windows Server 2012 Foundation lacks the simplified administrative tools found in the Essentials edition - there is no all-in-one Dashboard and navigation is a tad more difficult. However, those of you that have used Windows Server in the past will find the same baseline tools for running your server, like the Server Manager for example. Managing the admin tools isn’t an issue with some prior experience - in fact, they are intuitive and easy to access once you know your way around them.
  • Introducing PowerShell 3.0. The standard admin tools welcome a new addition to the group in the revamped and stronger-than-ever PowerShell 3.0. It serves as the replacement to CMD.exe (although you can still run CMD.exe in Foundation 2012), providing access to over 2,400 commandlets (or cmdlets). This is a huge jump from the 200-something cmdlets available in the previous 2008 version of Windows Server. You can perform virtually any task through the new PowerShell - from calling up and inspecting commands to editing, modifying and even saving them for later use.
  • Enhanced Server Manager. PowerShell isn’t able to steal the show in added functionality by itself - the culprit is the improved Server Manager in Foundation 2012. Now you have the ability to handle a bunch of machines at the same time and you have access to role-based functions, in contrast to the per-machine basis that was the sole option in previous versions. The upgrades to Server Manager result in a diminished need to have several tools open at once, allowing you to work with less clutter and more options at the same time.
  • Foundation 2012’s bonuses. The more robust overall design of Windows Server 2012 Foundation lead to the elimination of a few limitations which are present in Essentials 2012. For instance, Foundation 2012 approaches Active Directory in such a way that you have the choice between making it the domain controller at the root of an AD forest, or setting it up as part of a workgroup. Routers are also of importance - with the Foundation edition, you aren’t confined to installing the server OS behind a router that supports IPv4 NAT - something that is mandatory in Essentials 2012. Last but not least, you have the option of installing the RDSH (Remote Desktop Session Host) role in Foundation 2012. This can only be done in a workgroup configuration, but by comparison, the Essentials edition doesn’t include this aspect at all.

Why Choose Windows Server 2012 Foundation?

The reason we made the flash comparisons between Foundation 2012 and Essentials 2012 was to provide you with the information to make the necessary distinction between the intended user groups - in Foundation’s case, this is small business environments with a dedicated IT expert. If your organization works without one, then Essentials 2012 is by all means the better choice. However, if your servers are handled by experienced IT professionals, Foundation 2012 is a more than solid option. Here are its biggest strengths:

  • Experience is appreciated. We really can’t stress this enough - Foundation 2012 is a server OS that needs expert handling. Once this requirement is met, you won’t really find any drawbacks to this excellent small business server software. Smooth operation is guaranteed, and the included core package of features and improvements in the 2012 version make the Foundation edition a great overall server for basic operations.
  • Less is more. When it comes to servers for your small business, more features doesn’t always mean a better product. One of Windows Server 2012 Foundation’s biggest advantages is the perfect combination of tools for your small-scale organization’s needs. People who value this approach will appreciate the efforts invested into making Foundation 2012 a great “starter” server OS with no unnecessary bells and whistles.
  • It really has no competition. The only server OS software that comes close to offering the benefits Foundation 2012 does is its Essentials cousin. The bottom line is this: you won’t find a better small business server if you look at the competition. Microsoft has mastered the practice of releasing specialized editions tailored to each significant niche of the market - the Foundation and Essential variants of Windows Server 2012 are shining proof of this statement. And as we already mentioned, if you have a dedicated IT professional taking care of your servers, Foundation can even pull ahead. Whatever the case, small business owners all over the world agree that Foundation 2012 is among the most capable server operating systems currently available.

System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation.

  • Processor - 1.4 GHz and above (x64 architecture required)
  • Memory - 512MB and above
  • HDD - at least 32GB available disk space

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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Foundation.

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