Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services User Connections (20)

Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services User Connections (20)
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Connecting users to the latest version of Windows Server, Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop, opens up all kinds of opportunities for improved user experience and a strong connection to other users across the network. With improvements in memory and storage, security, and virtualization, Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop runs more efficiently and effectively than any previous version, giving administrators far more ability to provide all the programs and upgrades necessary to make their employees more productive. If you are interested in purchasing user connections for your Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop, visit to get the lowest price anywhere. If you want to learn more about Windows Servers 2016 Remote Desktop and how to connect to it, read more below.

What Are CAL Connections?

In order to connect to your Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop, you must have a client access license, or CAL. Each CAL licenses only one user or device.

What Are User CALs?

CALs come in two forms: device and user. A device CAL licenses one device to access the server. That device can be used by any users. A user CAL, on the other hand, licenses one user to access the server. That user can use any device. User CALs are recommended for those who expect to access the server from multiple devices.

Are Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services User CAL Connections Right for You?

For those who have Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop up and running, providing new user CAL connections can allow more employees to share in all the benefits of a fast, efficient, and powerful server. With better security, impressive virtualization tools, and improved storage and memory, there is a lot to recommend to new users connecting to Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop for the first time.

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Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop focuses on improving three major parts of the server: memory, security, and virtualization. Each of those components has a number of significant upgrades from previous editions, making it possible to run a more efficient, more secure, and more powerful server. Some of the biggest features include:

  • Remote access for all users anywhere in the world — Before getting to the major improvements, it is worth pointing out that users can connect to Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop from anywhere. Remote users have access to all the same features and can experience the same quality and speed as local users. This frees up users to connect and work whenever and wherever they need.
  • More memory and improved storage features — Among the major upgrades, overall performance is most improved by the increase in memory and the better storage features. Some of the most significant changes are:
    • Memory improvements for server and virtualization — There is a major boost to overall server memory here, from 4 TB in the last edition to six times as much now, at 24 TB. Virtual machine memory also drastically increases, from 1 TB to 12 TB. With more memory, more operations and more complex operations can be performed without slowing down the server.
    • Data loss protection with Storage Replica — Backing up your data is a central purpose of any server, but many still worry if their documents will be there if they somehow lose the primary copy on their computers. Using synchronous and asynchronous replication, Storage Replica makes sure you never have to worry about data loss again.
    • Fight data corruption with Control Flow Guard — Another worry about data is that it will somehow get corrupted. Finding a backup that is corrupted can be a major disaster, depending on which file it happened to be. Thankfully, Control Flow Guard makes sure this won’t happen using Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop.
    • Monitor virtual machine resources with Storage Quality of Service — To make sure all virtual machines are able to function and run smoothly, Storage Quality of Service monitors all the virtual machines that are running to see that none are using an undue amount of storage.
  • New and improved server security — A server that can’t defend itself is worse than useless, it can lead to spreading malware to other computers. To keep every connecting device safe, Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop has added new security features, some of the most powerful of which include:
    • Windows Defender — Windows Defender takes on malware that appears anywhere on the server. It regularly updates itself to make sure it is read to recognize and fight off the latest threats.
    • Credential Guard — With Credential Guard, you can be sure that data you want seen by only select devices and users is only seen by those devices and individuals. It never goes further on the server.
    • Remote Credential Guard — Similar to Credential Guard, Remote Credential Guard makes sure that all the data you don’t want on the server never gets put there. If you don’t want it shared, the server can’t access it.
  • Upgrades in virtualization — Virtualization is a flexible tool that increases the efficiency of your server. Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop provides new virtualization tools to help improve the performance of the server as a whole. The two major improvements are:
    • Containers — With Containers, you can run programs in complete isolation. This allows you to run even hostile programs without them spreading further on the server. Containers also make it easier to send solutions anywhere and everywhere on the server.
    • Nano — Nano is a stripped down operating system that works along Containers to easy the processing required for virtualization. With Nano, there is 93% less virtual disk space used and 92% fewer critical events.

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Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services User Connections (20)

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