Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium

Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium
Microsoft Windows Server is a server operating system designed to more efficiently handling corporate networking, Internet/intranet hosting, databases, enterprise-scale messaging and similar functions
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Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium provides more advanced analysis and computing than a standard server is capable of. In partnership with other versions of Windows Small Business Server 2011, this extra server is capable of performing more complex virtualization processes and running line of business programs that can provide better solutions for your business.
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Versions of Windows Small Business Server 2011

Premium functions best by partnering with the Standard or Essentials version of Windows Small Business Server 2011. Premium’s focus is on advanced line of business programs for more advanced data processing. Standard has the usual tools expected of a small business server, while Essentials slims down the features but also the administrative responsibilities to provide for basic use.

How to Access Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium

In order for someone to access Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium, they will be required to have a client access license, or CAL. CALs come in two forms: device and user. Device CALs license one device to access the server, but this device can be used by any user. In contrast, a user CAL licenses one user to access the server, but that user can use any device.

Is Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium Right for You?

If you are looking to get more out of your Windows Small Business Server 2011, an upgrade to Premium may be the best option. It provides a whole second server to work with. That server can run line of business applications or can be used for other needs. It has a lot of flexibility. For those who want virtualization but don’t want to upgrade to a more recent edition of Windows Server, this is also an excellent option.

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Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium is best used in collaboration with the Standard edition of the server. Together, they can power both the traditional uses of a server (backing up files, communicating across the network, etc.) and the premium uses.

Premium Add-on Features

  • Use powerful line of business applications for more data analysis — Premium comes with a server that runs Windows SQL Server. Combining the power of the separate Windows Small Business Server 2011 with the data management, reporting, and analysis features in Windows SQL Server can lead to incredible results. That combination allows you to run powerful line of business applications to handle your accounting, client relations management, and business planning needs. The analysis these programs do can then be shared across the network to provide far more insightful data than you would get from traditional methods.
  • More virtualization options — For those using Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials as their main server, Premium can add Hyper-V virtualization that allows you to create and deploy virtual machines across the network.
  • Improved Remote Desktop usage — You can improve the remote desktop performance on remote devices with the Premium server, since all interactions occur on the server itself and so won’t burden the remote devices themselves. Remote performance is also improved through virtualization abilities.
  • Integrates easily with other Small Business Server 2011 servers for even more power — Adding Premium to your Windows Small Business Server 2011, whether Standard or Essentials, is easy and straightforward, allowing you to install, integrate, and start using it almost instantly.

Standard Features

  • Remote access for all users — With the Standard server, all users can gain access remotely, making it possible to work and communicate from anywhere. This is an excellent option for those businesses with employees that are often out of the office. With remote access, these employees can be as connected to their work as someone sitting at their desk in the office all day.
  • Communicate more efficiently with Exchange — Exchange and Outlook Web Access provide users with the ability to use high quality business email and also to share contacts and schedules. That way, no one ever misses another meeting or deadline, and emails are more efficiently organized and easier to attend to.
  • Share and collaborate with SharePoint — SharePoint provides a central location to share and discuss documents. This improves collaboration across the network and saves time from searching for other ways to find necessary data.
  • Back up your computer and server — Providing your business with a way to prevent data loss is key to keeping your business functioning well. Data loss, whether from malware, hacking, or simply hardware failure, can set businesses back months. Windows Small Business Server 2011 makes sure that never happens by backing up computers and also backing up crucial information on the server.
  • Update devices easily with Windows Server Update Services — Monitor computers on your server easily and then provide upgrades and updates for all of them through the network with Windows Server Update Services. You can keep software up to date and add more protection to keep your data secure.

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System Requirements

These are minimum system requirements for installing Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium

In order to run Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium, your computer will need the following requirements:

  • Processor: 2 GHz x64 minimum
  • RAM: 8 GB minimum;10 GB recommended. No more than 32 GB is possible
  • Available disk space: 60 GB minimum

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Windows Small Business Server 2011 Premium

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