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Windows 10

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Windows 10 is one of the most versatile OS Microsoft ever. It's a free yet very tangible OS offering updates semi-annually – allowing it to consistently bring in new features and support.


Aside from its versatility, Windows 10 comes with several different versions meant for different types of hardware and specific users. You can download Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home all from our site.


Available in two editions, Home and Pro, Windows 10 has impressive features which is built upon what we already know and love. The question still remains, though, what’s new in Windows 10 and why should we give it a second glance?


Microsoft Login


The first notable difference is the fact that you can now create a Microsoft account – similar to Google, Yahoo, or other models.


Although at first, this may not sound exciting, it’s important to know that this feature allows you to synchronize all of your computers, including some of the details we know you love to tweak with such as background pictures, lock screens, or sounds.


Additionally, there is some great news for bookmark junkies since all previous settings are shared with all Windows 10 computers. This can provide that added security which will give you peace of mind. Nonetheless, you are not obliged to set up a password - it will all be under your control.


Update Time


One big complaint users had with earlier versions of Windows was the inability to put off updates for a later date. For example, if you were in the middle of an important essay that required your undivided attention, it wasn’t possible to put off updates and restart your PC hours later.


With Windows 10, you will see a warning along with the option to set a restart time. If you’re not keen on doing this all the time, there is a handy feature called Active Hours. Judging by what times of day you use your computer, any updates will automatically be put off until hours of inactivity.


Record Games


Any gamer will get excited about the opportunity to keep track of well-deserved achievements – provided you sign in with the same ID each time. Additionally, this is the place where you can find video clips, game trailers, or cool screenshots from multiple games you have played, be it on PC, laptop, tablet, or phone.




Cortana is the Microsoft version of Siri or Alexa - designed to help you seamlessly find web pages, games, notes, articles or music. There is no shortage of tasks that Cortana can’t handle as this feature is like your own virtual assistant.



It’s hard not to think that Windows 10 is an improved version of previous models and that includes most features, ranging from security to ease of use. Using this Microsoft package, you now have the ability to tailor the information you use or are given and it’s all meant to make your life much easier.

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